Grindfest Video - Made by Mark

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  • looks amazing! I'm so happy that space is getting used :D

    quick question @Cassox, what are you using for the tourniquets now? I don't recognize those blue bands.

    also, am I the only one that doesn't have sound? That video needs some jams...
  • Very well-done video. Very appropriate soundtrack.
  • There should be sound.
  • @Proteus Great job! Thanks for putting that together. :)
  • No problem.  I'm not sure how interesting it is for people who weren't there, but I figured it's better for those in the video to have plausible deniability than descriptive captions (though I did ask specific permission from those who were getting cut).  Also, big thanks to @birdmachine for half that footage, without which it would be have been very boring!  Next time we'll have to capture more shenanigans.
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    SWEET! Ben(sorry, dont remember screen name), I seriously JUST moved out of slc. We should get together and work on that bluetooth design, as that has been a primary interest for me. im totally stoked for this project.Can't wait till this becomes commercially available, itd be totally awesome to connect to the amazon echo. Dreams comin true... 
  • Great video! Sadly, I was only in a bit of it thanks to my having to leave early, but it was very well made. Hope you make another for Grindfest 2. Also, did everybody get to see the MTV episode about Ben, Justin, and Bird? Here's the preview:

    I couldn't find a way to watch the full thing without entering my cable info.
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