Nootropics or commonly know as "cognitive enhancers" are substances used to enhance or improve human cognition under "normal" circumstances. I emphasize the word normal everyday because our brains work to a standard level, or the level that we demand, however nootropics like Alpha Brain can help us enhance our ability to increase the performance of our brain in normal circumstances and making it more productive and fluid, briefly work as a "brain steroids". But let's talk in depth about it: Since nootropics have demonstrated that their primary function is to increase the capacities of the brain to improve memory, have become popular within the academic and professional world, these spaces that require you to be increasingly productive and efficient have tested the benefits of nootropics, which have been established as a tool to excel in an increasingly competitive world. Ask yourself if you had the opportunity to be getting better and stand out from the others would you be willing to try? These cognitive enhancers have several advantages: they are substances of low toxicity, not create dependency and many of these are freely sold, without restriction and are sold to the public focused on improving memory, sharpen our ability waking increase our motivation, creativity, learning to expand our capacity and increase concentration. This is a space to discuss this exciting world on nootropics or "smart drugs" and is a place for open debate, discucion, experiences, dosage and recommendations. In addition to online spaces to talk about it in a serious way and with scientific basis is provided.


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