Documentary about biohacking - looking for people in Europe

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Hello everyone!

Please let me introduce myself: my name is Floor and I am a student journalism at the Hogeschool Utrecht in The Netherlands.
Together with my partner Laura, I am doing research for a short documentary we are making about biohacking.
I am really interested in all the possibilities/capabilities of the human body and the way we can hack ourselves to get more advanced. My fascination with biohacking started after I listened to the TED talk of Neil Harbisson and was intrigued by the idea of 'real life cyborgs'. That enthusiasm only grew bigger when I discovered there are more people like him (and unlike him) who are trying to expand the things that the human body is capable of.

For our documentary we would like to talk to people in Europe who are involved in biohacking. Not immediatly to use in our film but for our research en to increase our knowledge about biohacking. We are currently collecting as much information as possible and are trying to find people who could clarify this information (- possibly in our documentary).  

In this documentary we are focussing completly on the 'technology' aspect of biohacking. 
The documentary is part of CampusDoc, where sixteen students get the change to make a documentary with a duration of twenty minutes. The premiere of the documentaires will be in a cinema in Utrecht, during the CampusDoc FilmFestival. If you would like to know more about CampusDoc, you could have a look at the website.

Everybody who has any kind of input or information for us, who wears implants, performs implants, designs implants, everyone who is running a hackerspace or is otherwise interested in collaboration, it would be great if you would get in touch with me at [email protected] or message me on here.

Thanks a lot in advance! 


  • I'm a complete noob so I couldn't be of any help, but you might want to specify "technology" you choose a really wide area. 

    Hope you find more people 
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    What a coincidence. I just started working in Utrecht and am officially moving there this Monday. Don't have any implants myself, but I am very interested in using technology to replace or augment human function. I work in the neuroprosthetics research group. That's quite specific, but if you have any questions regarding that (but also anything else), just let me know.

    And let me know when the documentary will air!
  • European here (Icelandic)

    So far I have 3 RFID implants, waiting for my 4th, waiting for magnets to re-enter the market

    Am designing a rechargable subdermal implant

    ...feel free to ask questions (Y)
  • only 3 guys in all of europe? I hope there are more and are shy and just PMed 
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    Hey guys! Thanks for your messages! 

    Kuroro; unfortunately no PM's (yet?). Well, we'll see! 

    And to specify technology; honestly, it is still a pretty broad description, but we are interested in any kind of wearables of implantables that broaden the human senses and capabilities. I mentioned 'technology' because the term biohacking also covers the tinkering with DNA and experimenting with smart drugs etc. Which is also super interesting, but too much to cover in our documentary.

    @ Slach & gbit; thanks! I'll shoot you a PM.

    Oh, and when we finish the docu (hopefully in March 2016), I'll definitely post that on here!
  • Maybe you already heard about Lepht Anonym . She could give you some interesting material. She is a bit more controversial in the bio-hacker and grinder  movement than others. This is the blog you can look through and email. Or check youtube. 

    Good luck 
  • Thanks! That is really friendly of you.
    Yes, I heard of Lepht Anonym and sent her an email. But I read that she is making a documentary already, so I wonder if she'd be interested. But maybe she can help us in another way, that'd be great too. 
  • Her documentary "high tech lowlife" got cancelled do to lack of founding. 
  • Oh, that is new information! I did not know that.
  • Join forces.
  • That would be great.
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