Pain tolerance poll

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I was wondering how everyone's pain tolerance was on here.
Copy this and fill it out:

Overall pain tolerance (1-10) =
Needles and blades =
Heat =
Cold =
Pressure =
Other pain =


  • I think you'll find pain tolerance will be too subjective to effectively fill out.

    For instance, I have a high pain tolerance among friends and family, I half implanted my magnets without pain killers, I walked around with a broken leg for a while, played with a broken collarbone, etc.

    So my 10 would probably amount to having both of my legs crushed by a building (as an example) but someone else's may be breaking a finger.

    Also depends on experience. Old mate that breaks his finger and passes out may be friends with someone who passes out with a paper cut, so therefore he has a very high pain tolerance compares to him. So he's a 10, his mate is a 1, etc.

    See what I mean?
  • Well ill [email protected] is right on the subjective front. But I'll bite

    Overall pain tolerance (1-10) = 6
    Needles=3 nope.
    blades =7-9 based on the blade and where.
    Heat =7. Hate the heat love playing with fire....not a pyro
    Cold =10. I live in Maine and on the ice all winter fishing....lotsa frozen body parts.
    Pressure =8. Not sure of the reference I'm think person standing on you.
    Other pain = grin, grind teeth, hit. In that order based on what and who.

    Example my hand RFID to me hurt more then most things that have happened to me but I also am VERY hesitant/scared of needles. Knives on the other hand I don't flinch.

    Only thing worse to me then the needle was my destroyed knee when it happened(dislocated patella, torn everything).
  • I'm ok with needles, but i'm generally a wimp with other types of pain - it's difficult to put a number on pain in general so I won't bother.

  • Overall pain tolerance (1-10) = 5 - 7
    Needles = 4 - 5 They don't really hurt overly much, but the psychological aversion I have to needles makes it difficult to use or have them used on my person in the first place)
    Blades = 9 assuming it's a clean, sharp knife like a scalpel. Cuts don't bother me.
    Heat = 10 Excluding hot (scalding) water, I've got a borderline ridiculous tolerance for heat and humidity. Wearing winter clothes in mid to upper 90 degree (Fahrenheit) weather at 70-80% humidity whilst doing fairly strenuous manual labor.
    Cold = 6 - 7 I don't really have enough body fat or muscle to stay warm when it really gets cold, and my outer digits get stiff if they don't stay fairly warm
    Pressure = 6 - 7 I don't really have a lot to compare this to.

  • Overall pain tolerance = 7
    Needles and blades = 7 the pain of a needle doesn't faze me, but like @TheGreyKnight, the psychological aversion of it bugs me. As far as cuts, I board a lot and have had a fair share of cuts and scrapes.
    Heat = 6 I deal with fire a lot, but I've never had serious burns,
    Cold = 8 I've done a lot of outdoor winter work.
    Pressure = 5 I'm comparing this to the feeling of having a broken wrist, and how much pressure I would put into trying to push on something with that hand. Not going to happen.
    Other pain = 9 for taking hits. I played high school football and advanced pretty far in wrestling so I feel pretty confident about taking hits or similar pain.
  • This is a bit of an interesting thread. Interesting to hear people's stories, but I don't think there's really much else to be gained by it.

    It's somewhat like a dick measuring contest where we haven't specified exactly what a dick is, and haven't set a specific unit of measure to use.
  • Agreed. Now, someone get me a nail gun, a blow torch and a liquid nitrogen dewier and everybody line up so we can standardize this. Oh and a baseball bat for good measure. Who's first? XD
  • I would say my limits of being okay with pain is at about 3 dick units if I am doing it to my self, but if someone else is doing it I can do okay with a couple finger magnets in a row. How many arbitrary dick units is that? 

    (love using @trybalwolf units)
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    Dick-pain units are a scale I can relate to. Since my Prince Albert piercing was one standard dick-pain then my labret piercing was 0.75 standard dick-pain units. My first finger magnet was 3.5 dick-pain units and my second magnet was 2 dick-pain units. My RFID implants were roughly 0.8 dick-pain units each.
    There' my baseline.

    Overall pain tolerance in standard dick-pain units: 4. That's four needles simultaneously to the dick.
    Needles and blades in standard dick-pain units: 6.
    Heat in standard dick-pain units: 3.
    Cold in standard dick-pain units: 8. I live a couple hours south of the US/Canada border.
    Pressure in standard dick-pain units: 2. I can't imagine more than 2 in standard dick-pain units of crushing force.
    Other pain in standard dick-pain units: ?. I have never had my dick tazed or otherwise electrocuted so I have no standard for this tolerance.

    No offense to @MagneticJacob. I see what you're trying to do here and it's cool but there's not a standard people can safely expose themselves to. Mythbusters did a segment on this soft of thing and found some people at a 1 and some people beyond the safety realm of the test.
    But this got people talking and I had a few laughs so maybe it did something better than originally intended.
  • Overall pain tolerance (1-10) =
    Needles and blades = 9 i dopn't feel that kinda objects. Not very sensitive to it (a friend of mine piched me with a needle on my shoulder and found it was a bit like scratching
    Heat = 3 i can support it but i hate it so much
    Cold = 7, and getting beter with age
    Pressure = don't know how to measure it.
    Other pain = depends on which. I don't feel teeth pain, and it's a problem. Didnt feel my teeth diying because i did'nt feel any pain. Also veryy resistant to headaches.
  • I'll concur with the arbitrary nature of trying to measure this.  However, I will say that I feel that our pain tolerance increases for something that we feel is "worth it."  I can't watch an injection on myself for a vaccination, but when it's time to get hooks thrown for a suspension, I'm good.  So, there's likely a sliding scale for our own experiences of pain (and perception of pain) even unto ourselves.
  • Needles and blades=if unexpected, 3, if expected, 1
    Cold=2 (15 degrees is freezing to me) if everywhere, 5 if local
    Pressure=7 (I am able to tolerate a spring clamp on a testicle cord for an hour, a needle is worse than that to me)
    Other pain=4

    Needles and blades are about 6 times as painful as a spring clamp on a testicle cord for an hour (don't ask).
    Getting burnt is .5-.8 of my unit.
    Cold is 4 of my unit.
  • Is the Dick-pain unit of measurement reliable? I was hammered during my PA, and so i really didn't feel anything... lol.
  • Overall pain tolerance (1-10) = 6/7ish, I have my weak and strong points but I'm usually overall pretty good with handling pain (minding the vast amount of curse words of course).

    Needles and blades = 8, I've never had a problem with handling needles or blades, even when I was really young. If I get a deep cut (I treat it obviously), it really just feels like a paper cut once the initial adrenaline fades.

    Heat = 3, despite being raised in a place where it's vaguely warm year round, and being a pyromaniac, burns sting the worst for me.  I have to put some kind of cream on them and take a few tylenols just for them to be fairly tolerable.

    Cold = 8, I love the cold, and it's very easy for me to handle. I'd much prefer being in a cold environment than being in an overly hot one.

    Pressure = 6, I have really bad lungs and sometimes it feels like a continuous really awful pressure on them. It's helped with me being able to handle it but it still hurts like shit.

    Other pain = 7, I can stand most pains but headaches really get to me. Migraines run in the family.
  • i was really sick through my childhood and was in and out of hospitals so needles/blades aren't even a problem.  probably would say no to a needle bigger than 10g but below, go for it i'll laugh at you when you mange to miss and artery!

    i hate hot/cold injuries as i'm a wuss in that instance (screw freeze off NOT worth it!)

    pressure id be about a 7, i can take a lot of pressure pain but the healing of the injuries ill cry for days.  

    i guess as long as its fast pain (like needles) i have immuunity to, regardless of level of intensity. but slow dull stuff (like labor) i'm done! crying in seconds :P
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