Magnet implants and Macbooks

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Hi everyone. I'm going to have one of Samppa Von Cyborg's magnets implanted in my left ring finger next week and I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with using macbooks while having a magnet implant in a finger on their left hand. From tests that I did on my 13" macbook pro and a 13" macbook air I saw that they both have a magnetic sensor to the left of the tab key which is how the computers tell when the lid is closed, and when I put a tiny magnet(about 3mmX6mm in size) near the sensor it puts the computer to sleep. 
If this sensor could be activated by an implant it could be a pain in the ass to put the computer to sleep every time my finger gets near that area, but I don't know if an implant is strong enough to activate this sensor. 

Also, I was thinking of getting an industrial piercing when I get the magnet implanted and I wanted to know if you think my body could handle healing an implant and a piercing(technically two piercings) at the same time. 


  • @artvandelay I have a ring finger implant and a Macbook. As long as the finger stays on the keys, it's fine. Fun side note - that corner ("123 QWE" corner) has rather decent buzz for the magnet.

    That said, while it was healing I triggered it all the time. I was typing with mainly middle and index fingers -- which pushed the ring figure over to the bezel and I kept accidentally touching or hovering over the right spot. If you yank your hand away fast enough it doesn't lock the screen/send the machine to sleep. Simple fix is to cover that part of the laptop while using it to prevent accidental triggering.

  • @cyberlass Good. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use my computer after I get the implant because of the magnetic sensor. 
    Everyone where I work uses macbooks, so after I get the implant I'll mess with them by "magically" putting their computers to sleep :)
  • on my macbook pro 15inch I can feel the fan turn on at around the delete key. I can also trick my computer to think its closed by running my finger down the left side next to the speaker.

    Be careful around the top of your screen. I'm not sure about your laptop in particular but right above my lcd I have a row of magnets that flip in orientation to keep the lid shut. I thought it was fun to hover my finger over it until my magnet flipped 2 or 3 times in one go and hurt like hell. it also moved my magnet closer to the incision and I half blame that for my magnet rejecting a few months after.
  • To add a bit to Ben's comment, once your magnet is fully healed, running your finger over the top of the screen so it rolls end over end is a pretty cool feeling. Not painful in my experience, but I was completely healed before I tried.
  • rpyka yeah it is pretty cool. After a while mine stopped flipping so it turned more into a push pull push pull feeling. 
  • I have had multiple different Macbooks and I have an implant in my left ring finger.

    I can tell you that I accidentally put my MacBook (not MacBook Pro) to sleep perhaps 15 times a day. It can be quite annoying. It happens more often when I'm doing things like editing photos rather than when doing programming, but it happens no matter what. It still happened a few times a day with my 2012 Q2 MacBook Pro.
  • On my lenovo ideapad the lid sensor is above the keyboard, I was actively looking for it with a stronger fridge magnet when I found it; now I can trigger it with my finger too but I have to hit the right spot pretty closely to make the display go black.
    I wrote a little something to execute custom actions when I trigger the sensor in specific patterns so now I can unlock the screensaver by doing a short-long-short-long pattern for example or by tapping it once and entering my password (see my thread: only linux for now sadly).
  • I got the magnet implanted about 4 hours ago. When I put my finger over the sensor it puts the computer to sleep. I recommend going to system preferences > security & privacy and setting the computer to require a password 5 seconds after sleep begins, so if you accidentally put the computer to sleep, you can wake it up after a second or two and not have to enter a password.

    @Benbeezy and @rpyka, thanks for the tip about the magnets around the top of the screen. I held a paper clip next to the top of the screen right now, and it stuck to the screen almost as strongly as it would stick to a magnet from a 2.5" hard drive, so I'll be careful how I hold my computer until it the implant heals.

    @singlerider Mine is a 2015 13" macbook pro with retina display. I'm in NYC right now, so I'll go to the apple store sometime and see what computers I can put to sleep and where the sensors are on them. 
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