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  • Prior to the peeling at the implant site, have you applied a lot of force to that area? @BirdMachine
  • No  sudden, direct impact or trauma. However I do end up putting some pressure on there from handbalancing once a week. It's relatively minimal. No soreness lately, no discoloration, and no more layers of peeling :) Keeping an eye on it though, and will update if the next layer of skin breaks.
  • So. I'm New here. I don't have any implant, but I'm planning to get a m31 in my left ring finger. Is there any Kind of "exercice" to reduce reject, or is it something random ? (I hope I've post my message in the good section.)
  • I have a few bidy piercings and magnet implants. At first sign of rejection if you apply outside pressure with a plaster you can usually have success at preventing rejection. I have a lot of sensitivities to various plasters and i use a product called fixomul. Its a wound care dressing available at pharmacies. It is like an elastic cloth, so it breathes you buy it by a roll.or a meter. Its abiut 30mm wide and you cut it to size.
  • I had it reject twice, then it took on the third attempt. It was definitely user error on my part. Since it was a self implant. 

    Basically, it rejected due to not being deep enough. It HAS to be completely under the dermis, or it'll start hurting around 10 days, and reject a few days later. A good rule of thumb (or in this case ring finger). Is that if you can use it to pick up a paperclip, it's probably not deep enough. 

    Overall I consider it a good learning experience. It's currently been in for a couple months now, no signs of rejection.  No pain. And the only reason you can see it at all (barely noticeable), is because I have really small hands. 
  • I've had my middle finger M31 reject after about 6 months. It seemed to move while healing to the point where it was perpendicular to the finger, after which it gradually got more painful and moved towards the surface. I cut it out at that stage, as I learned from experience (with my ring finger) and that letting it heal out itself was annoyingly painful.

    No excessive knocks, etc. before the rejection happened, so I'm guessing it wasn't implanted deep enough initially.
  • My m31 rejected today. I had it in for a few months. I took pictures and documented the process and will be putting together a blog post later tonight that I will post up. took about 2 pictures a day for the last 3 or so day.
  • Looking forward to your update Ben. That's a long time to have it and then have an issues.

    Of the M31s I've implanted, I've only had one rejection that I know of, definitely attributed to mechanical stress. 4 were in very small hands and there are no issues so far (one at 1year, 3 at 3 months). Haven't heard from others.

    Has anyone felt like we've come to  a conclusion on this thread or are we just repeating ourselves? I feel like moving this out of announcement status seems like a legit action. Thoughts?
  • not implanting the magnet properly, and not following proper aftercare seem to be the two most common culprits for rejection.
  • Hey guys!

    I seem to have a similar thing happening to Benbeezy here. Magnet was implanted over two weeks ago, and up until yesterday, it was perfectly fine.

    On Friday evening I had a little accident, reached into my bag, and my magnet finger was caught on the edge of a box. It wasn't sharp at all (it's a Samsung box with neat rounded edges), but the sudden impact was enough to cause some pain. I thought not much of it as I'm sometimes clumsy, and the pain went away quick. 

    However on Saturday morning I woke up to this:

    I have followed aftercare instructions, and the implant was done by the most reputable body modder in Hungary (Gabor Zagyvai), who has done such procedure before. No complications happened up until now.

    How worried should I be? I'm going back to him tomorrow afternoon, but I would really like to hear some more opinions before.

    Icing it helped lower the lump a bit, but it came back a few hours after. And unfortunately I can't keep my finger iced the whole day and night.
  • fonix232  your looks a lot larger than mine was. I would say poke it with a pin and see what comes out. if a ton of blood comes out then maybe you have some kind of internal bleeding or something. If anything else comes out then it infected and the magnet should come out. But from what I have seen, a rejection normally doesn't get that big large
  • Yeah, that's pretty swollen for what you are describing. I second the stab it. With something sterile -_-
  • Went to my piercer in the meantime, and he said not to worry. The lump went down in size considerably, and is not that painful any more (but is sensitive, not sure poking would be a wise idea).

    It's most probably just a burst blood vessel due to the physical strain it got when it got caught on the box. Especially as the colour seems to be not pus-like white-ish, but dark purple.
  • First I've got to say that my second m31 was done about 8 months ago bya  professional and has been perfect in every way. I can feel my laptop charger from a couple inches away(helped w/ troubleshooting laptop not charging, the cause ended up being a faulty outlet which made the charger feel erratic instead of smooth motion) and had no issues with rejection or healing. But...

    My first magnet rejected but I lost it almost immediately after removing it so don't have any pictures. Prior to implanting I looked it over with a small magnifying glass and didn't see any obvious scratches/dents/etc. But it was a magnifying glass, not a microscope, so take that with a grain of salt. It was my first procedure and I did it myself without anesthesia so I may have damaged the magnet during insertion although it was only touched by the plastic handle on a disposable scalpel. The placement and everything was spot-on but I didn't use sutures and the magnet ended up rejecting the same way it went in about two weeks after the procedure. I'd say it was the lack of sutures that caused the rejection except the edge of the magnet that was closest to the skin was covered in black something when I took it out. Basically my finger had made a pocket for the magnet except the skin never fully covered my magnet. Instead, the edge of the magnet was flush was the edge of my skin before I pulled it out (Imagine a CD after being ejected from a CD player, except not sticking so far out, but if I pushed the other side of my finger it WOULD stick that far out..that's how I got it out). It's possible that the edge got scratched from exposure to outside elements but was still close enough to being in my body that my body reacted and caused that edge to darken from..something biological..? In case you coating procedure changed, the rejected magnet came from the first batch from the biohacker pre-order special. The second magnet was from a later batch bought by the pro that implanted it.
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    For anyone who posted on this page, @MattGuy, @Benbeezy, @fonix232, @glims, @Alternate, @TorrentX, @BirdMachine, @garethnelsonuk, @Vanadium, @Astra,  @Cyberlass, @Dragon5, @rjardina, I have created a spreadsheet with all the information you posted, please correct it or add in additional information. For anyone who has had a rejection and not yet posted, please feel free to fill out the spreadsheet to the best of your knowledge or post here and I (or someone else) will add you in. Please fill it out one separate entry for each magnet you have had implanted. If your magnets have not rejected yet, please fill it out as well. Creating separate thread.

  • just checked your spreadsheet. i love it.
  • @bcuiser Updated my info.

    Also checking in. Two months after implant, my finger is still swollen. Only painful when over 20N force applied.

    Also from time to time, a small white circle emerges. Poking that with a needle is painless, and there's some pus (smell-less, very thin), but size of the bulge does not change. Within a day after poking it, the hole is healed.

    I also lost the magnetic sense. I believe it is due to scar tissue build up - the pocket was filled with blood after getting it caught on the edge of a box, and the pus is not nearly enough to fill the whole thing there, plus apart from the swelling, there's no other sign of inflammation, and as I said, it is only painful when a lot of pressure is placed on it (e.g. working out).
  • I got them in each tragus last December or January. One of them has been bothering me for a few months now and looks pretty weird. I'm finally getting it cut out later this month.

    It looks bruised, swollen, and like it's moved a little bit. I don't know what caused it but I suspect it's because I generally sleep on my right side. It doesn't hurt, though it did for a while and was tender to the touch.

    It was implanted with a scalpel and had one or two stitches in it. Was also injected with some sort of numbing stuff prior to implantation. Same procedure on the left ear but it's fine.
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    Mine recently rejected shortly after implanting, ordered the pain management and the magnet from dangerous things, used plastic tools to insert it, sterilized everything with supplied solutions, since the pain management also came with some. after installing it, it was slightly sore for longer then 3 weeks, and about 5th week it started to peek out of the incision so I removed it, I planned on reimplanting it since getting it was a pain, and stored it in a plastic bottle filled with 90% rubbing alcohol to keep it sterile and to kill off any remaining germs, about a month later the alchohol turned into a rustic color and the magnet had rust growing on it. so guessing the coating was compromised. been trying to get few more magnets to attempt the implant again but its been out of stock for a bit...

    Not 100% sure but was thinking alcohol shouldnt hurt the titanium/ceremic coating so maybe the next few i will soak in alcohol for a month or so before implanting to make sure.

    also the picture is about 3 months after the rust started, i just kept it in the solution and it has grown a bit more but it originally looked like a volcano.

  • The amount of rejections is kind of daunting. Are there plenty of people who's magnets stay in long enough to be permanent? Or is it really common for these magnets to reject? Because I was hoping for a long-term thing and reading this thread has me spooked.
  • There are plenty of people who's magnets stay in long enough. This thread is a bit like googling that your pinkie has been numb for a few days. It always looks daunting. But it's probably just that you have been sleeping weird.
    Also, as it has been noted, almost every one of these has to do with poor aftercare.

    I would be interested to see the numbers on it tho...
  • Can I get confirmation that the m31 is, if handled correctly during healing, potentially permanent? I mean, I guess because they're not too old yet that there really is no way of knowing for sure, but is there anyone on here that has one in that has had it for years?
  • I believe the longest is 2-3 years to date.
  • Cassox and Bast have the longest lasting m31s that I know of personally and it's been about 2 years with no issues.
  • I play the piano and the guitar and I know that I should probably stop playing the guitar. I have a keyboard piano at home that ha little key resistance should I stop playing that once my magnets in?
  • I use the computer a lot, and i really do mean a lot. I plan on having a m31/m32 magnet implanted into my right pointer finger (i use this finger with the mouse, i am right handed). Will this be an issue, or should i avoid using the computer for a while once implanted?
  • I was fine using a computer. You might have problems while it heals if you touch type but otherwise I don't think it should be a problem at all. If using the mouse will lead to rejection I expect you'll be able to tell relatively quickly as it will probably hurt when you use the mouse.
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    Something is going on with my M31 finger implant. I used the scalpel method to implant it late July of 2015, I have had no problems with it up until this morning. This morning I woke up with it swollen. The area with the magnet also seems to be bulging out more than it usually does. The area with the magnet is also extremely sensitive. With a dull pain almost all the time, and there is a hot/sharp pain when any pressure is applied to it. There is also a red-purple tinge to the bulging area. Here are some pictures http://imgur.com/a/3oYE4 . I'm sorry I don't have a better camera. The white dot on my finger has been there for about 5 months, I'm pretty sure it has some white pus in it. Should I wait this out, and see if everything goes back to normal? Or should I cut it out? I spend about 2 hours a day working in the water if that matters. Here is my left ring finger compared to my right ring finger, left has the magnet in it. http://imgur.com/a/R9UEN .
  • Lance it with something sterile, and see what comes out. >~<

    If it's white pus, 95% it needs to be taken out, from past observations. Has it received any type of physical trauma lately? It's a good sign of rejection, but the timeframe is screwey. >~< In any case, if your finger is doing anything like that, it's probably not good for it, and it's kinda actively reacting to something...

    If you were to wait it out, and it looks like the magnet is starting to get pushed out, it's rejecting. Remove it, it will be less painful and long.

    I'm honestly not sure what to make out of it... But sounds like something happened to it. Most likely 90% you should extract it, but I'm not going to be the one to say 100% do it. I don't know everything it could or couldn't be.
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