On the subject of BCIs

This video was published fairly recently by DARPA.(Link) It's pretty incredible. I haven't checked to see if they've posted any data or methodology online yet, but it could turn out some very interesting things.


  • Yeah I'd be interested to know how they managed to relay the sensory information of the hand to the user. The way he described it, they directly stimulated his cortex. If that's the case, that just goes to show how plastic the brain is. Or maybe they stimulated his peripheral nerves, just like Micera's group did last year. Can't wait to see what the next few decades will bring for BCIs. Hopefully all these technologies will become feasible for every day, independent use in the coming decade.

  • An electrode array was implanted directly into the subject's sensory cortex (the brain itself).
  • so... that was amazing! and now I want one.
  • @bciuser Thanks for the info. Do you know if this has been published yet? I couldn't find anything.
  • I found a few things here and there, but they were so long, I didn't have time to properly read through them. I'll post links if they turn out to be related.
  • This has not been published yet, it's just a press release by the individual within DARPA who was responsible for funding the project, kind of like a "see I told you guys this was cool and I'm competent at funding people". It may be a while yet before any publications come out.
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