Study Group: Cells and Tissues 10/2015

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As discussed during Grindfest, forming study groups and analyzing courses with the Grinder perspective is probably a good approach. Anyone who would like to join me for a course in human cells and tissues starting 10/2015 is welcome. Please send me your email. I think the Slack board would be a good place to interact and then we can boil down things into a well organized thread on the boards. This course is linked below and is open enroll. I'll be starting the week of 10/5. In terms of live discussions we can work out the time or times when we have a list of participants. Thanks!



  • Will this be over the interwebs? Or Face to Face?
  • Definitely on the web.
  • I'm in; just signed up for the course and setup the app on my phone. This'll be fun.
  • Awesome. I'm intending to start the week of 10/5. I haven't looked at the homework/assignment section to see if it's worthwhile. I think it'd be cool if we had a deal where we discussed after watching the lecture or even head a group call while we all watched together or something. Then we each do our own bit..Perhaps we each take an angle to explore and look into making a project proposal.. and come back later in the week and have a second group call to discuss. Something like this. I'd like to avoid having it all be passively listening.. not much learning occurs.
  • I'll probably be signing up soon. I'm certainly interested.
  • I'm signed up. This should be fun.
  • I'd be down, my schedule will only permit late evening or weekend meeting.
  • I'll try to throw together one of those little schedule query things later this week do we can work on finding a good shared time.
  • I'm in, should be interesting.
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    I have created a doodle for anyone who wishes to participate.
  • I'm in, heck knows i want to help out on projects here. I'm just a scientifically minded artist, just not much of a bent for bio. Hope this course helps!
  • I enrolled as well. Also marked my available times.
  • I just filled it out as well; available preeeeeeety much anytime.
  • FIlled out, but what about time zones?
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    It should auto-detect your time zone and adjust the times accordingly. If you are unsure, there is an option in the upper right hand corner of the poll to "change timezone", which you can use to switch the times of the poll to whatever your local time is.

    EDIT: I've created a wiki page for whatever important things we find out and discuss that may be relevant:;id=Cell_Biology
  • Don't forget to send your email address to @Cassox so he can add you to Slack and the study group channel. :)
  • Nice reminder. :)
  • Reminder! This Is coming up fast. I'll be sending out invites and slack for it tomorrow.
  • Juliagami, I think you're the only one I don't have an email for.
  • Ok, I'm going to move conversation regarding this over to Slack, so if you have any questions or difficulty getting signed up let me know. According to the Poll, I think we should our first discussioon groups on Tuesday 10/6, and Thursday 10/8. Each of those times omit only 1 person each, and not the same person.
  • Just enrolled in the course plus stated my available times, kinda late since i haven't checked the forum in a bit but seems very interesting. 
  • Drrrrr.. I didn't state a time did I. Based on the poll, 8pm PST through 10pm PST. Come late, stay halfway, whatever.
  • so 10/6 at 20:00PST? Cool, I'll be there. I have Slack notifications off on my phone, so if stuff is going on in there I've probably missed it but I'll hop on "fulltime" for the discussion group.

    Cassox, how much of the course should we aim to have completed prior to the discussion?
  • is this course still avalible because i would be very interested
  • Hey, we're in the midst of it. You're welcome to join but to be honest you might want to wait until we start another. We're using some memory technique stuff and having missed that part would make it pretty useless to you.

    Updates on how the class stuff is going.. the material presented is super oversimplified and remedial. Nothing truly useful right now; however, I think that the group of 3 or so functions really well and we've been playing around with ways to learn together. I'm excited to start a course together with some actual meat to it.
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