Hi all from Australia

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Hi all new to the forum,
I don't have anything as yet a but have been looking for someone local to assist without much success.
I like to think of myself as a maker, I have a lathe, mill all the welders and access to 3d printers. I'm new to micro controllers with a few projects floating around in my head.

I have wanted both a magnet and a RFID since I first read about them. Once funds allow I will be getting both.



  • Actually I only just remembered, I do have a surgical implant 6 screws and 2 plates in my spine. I can feel things like gaussing wands when waved over it. Feels sort of like that feeling you get when someone walks over your grave.
  • Hey man! Aussie here too I would happily assist you in any way I could however I am on the other side of the county to you :) I have an NFC implant in one hand and will shortly get another in the other one.
  • Ordered an M31 a while ago and had it here waiting for me to find some courage to have a go. Today had a chat to the local GP turns out he has a surgeon on staff and a little over 2 hours later, its in. Done by a professional with proper gear. Now to just wait for it to heal.
  • Hey guys another Australian here too. Victorian based with great contracts for all implants and mods. Where are you all located?. I've got magnets, 3D implants, piercings, and mods, and I'm waiting for three new RFID and NFC implants yup arrive this week, already organised implantation.

  • Hi Woofy Ive not got any RFIDs just yet but it is on the cards I haven't started to organize them
  • A surgeon implanted the magnet for you?
  • I asked my GP about it and he asked the in practice surgeon, he decided to do it and not have to fix any damage later
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    That's interesting. I thought that surgeons would worry about their registration if they get involved in this kind of thing. 

    Not that I mind mind you. It is good for the medical professionals to get involved in case we do something that is completely... unwise. :P

    Yup, Sydneysider here and thinking about getting a magnet as well. 
  • they made me sign all the disclaimer forms, and acknowledge that it was done by my own devises. Went and had the stitch taken out tonight but will keep a band aid on it for a few more days. I have noticed the ups on my desk has a fair field and Ive pulled 3 screws out of my work keyboard while Im waiting for it to heal because Im sure I can feel something around them (this could be in my head though). No infection or and pain, but it has slowed my typing down as Im trying to not use it while it heals.
  • Heh. Sounds just like professionals to cover their legal asses like that.
  • sounds fair enough, at least he didnt just turn me away. was worth the chat

  • Well, I got my three chips put in last night at Piercing HQ in Melbourne, very quick and easy using their equipment and expert techniques. Now I'm having fun loading stuff on them and also reading body temp. A lot of cool things to do now.
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