Thinking of becoming an ocularist and bionic eyes as the answer?

Hello all! Long time no post. So recently I was thinking of becoming an ocularist and I started getting curious about what the biohacker community thinks about projects involving prosthetic eyes. I personally would love to see more of the night vision project kick off and possibly even be able to see light in a different spectrum or something like that. But in the meantime, bionic eyes are a thing! If tech could reach a decent size I think bionic eyes could be a great option for stuff like this.


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    The hard part is actually implanting the thing so you get signal out of it and into your brain. And even if you can you'd need to do a lot of testing on it. That said, hiding tech inside a fake eye sounds like a great and fun idea. And i'd be willing to bet the tissue in the cavity where the eye was is probably very sensitive so you could build an fake that stimulates the area to give you information or something which I think would be super cool. And since it's rather large all things considered and removable? then you could charge it easily so long as it's cleaned well before you pop it back in there. 

    Also misread that as occultist and it made me very confused about how bionic eyes and the occult were connected XD
  • Make a lightweight hollow polymer eye with a neodymium magnet for a pupil, so in the presence of a strong field it spins around and freaks people out.

    And a glowing red LED for a terminator effect.
  • The only problem is that most prosthetic eyes are actually quite small. They fill the cavity with a sphere that the muscles are anchored to, then the prosthetic is placed over top of that. It's shaped kinda like an almond with a concave side and a convex side. I saw someone fit a small led inside one but upon talking with him he said the parasitic drain was too much and it wouldn't last through the day. Though I think with some fiddling you could get it to work!

    There was an eye developed that looked like an actual eye, it allowed the wearer to "see" I think the resolution was terrible, but it's a step in the right direction!
  • With current tech there's no way you can get the same resolution as a natural eye even with an external camera let alone squeezed into a prosthetic eyeball.

    Of course, for people who have lost one eyeball, low resolution is better than nothing, but even then you'd struggle to get anything useful in that space.

    Here is the youtube video of the led eye I spoke of. And yeah right now it's better then nothing. But untill the tech gets small enough or we developed a new power source I'll stick to making cool novelty eyes.

    The novelty eyes are what intrested me the most! Basically they are any prosthetic that doesn't match your other eye or has custom graphics or whatever on it. I think you could do some neat little party tricks with a little tech in one of those.
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