Prelim findings & call for more interviewees

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Hi everyone, 

I'm still looking for interview participants. I've had lots of participants with magnetic implants, so what I'm looking for is people with:
  • RFID implants
  • NFC implants
  • Using magnets in different ways than the mainstream
  • Any other unique use of devices under or through the skin
If you are interested please get in touch with me [email protected] 

Preliminary findings of 10 interviews so far are in the image below. 



  • Thanks for the update, we often have people come to the forum looking to do research and then never hear their results, so it's nice to see someone giving back.
  • That is spectacular I would love to see the finished product when you complete it. I am planning on placing an RFID in the meat of my palm opposite the thumb. I am simply waiting for it to arrive to implant it.
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