Magnetic Manhhod?

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I like the idea of implanting a magnet in my penis. The nerve supply should be sensitive for sensing magnetic fields; and I think it would create a new relm of play possibilities (such as exploring the senations of music played through an inductive loop) I think the frenulum would be the best location on the shaft because of its sensitivity. I am not sure what the optimal magnet to use would be, but I think that a silicon coating might be more comfortable give the 'abuse' this particular location is going to receive. I am sure that there must be people who have done this type of implant, but I have only found vague mentions; nothing concrete. (plenty on pearl beading, but not magnets)  Has anyone done this, know of someone who has or have any thoughts about the magnets, placement or precedure?


  • Samppa Von Cyborg does this. He's in Finland/UK. Try reading up on him. He's a crazy person, though, in case you didn't realize.

    Here's hoping you meet your one true android love/girl with an EMP generator in her vagina.
  • There are a lot of people who have had this done actually. Using a notebook computer an your lap is supposed to be kind of nice. Haworth also does these & calls them lover's magnets.
  • Thank-you for your answers FrankMatheson and DirectorX. Do you have a link by any chance? Despite a lot of searching especially around the work of Samppa and Steve I still haven't found a specific reference to it being done. I sent Sampa an email- I haven't heard back, but I am sure he is a very busy Cyborg. I thought that Steve's lovers magnets were hand implants so that hand-holding sweethearts can feel the attraction?
    If I can't find any information I will proceed on my own, but it would be good to know what others have learned first- does it work, best magnet to use, techniques to prevent migration in that region, optimal location, lifestyle changes etc
  • hmm. I thought the lover's magnets were something else, but I see you are right. Steve told me about genital magnets personally, so I know he does them. I don't know what he charges though.
  • I have a PA and I've put a magnetic bead on it. The inertia of the barbell I was using mitigated a lot of the effect I think. That aside, it was difficult to achieve significant movement. I held a power drill on the outside of my pants and there was a "Hmm, that might be it," moment but little else. Hardly a benchmark.

    This is worth pursuing though. I didn't try much with different frequencies or stronger coils.
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  • I bet that would give you a magnetic personality. Make it easier to attract opposites. You could call it your "Steely Dan" or your "Monster Magnet." You'd be a real sex magnet.(I could go on...)
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