Glass Encapulation for Uncommon / Secured tags



  • I acetone'd one of my cards here -

    Interesting thing to note at this stage is that it's a little different to the ones others have posted, and more importantly, some of those traces were broken and it still scans fine. I may play around with disconnecting as many of those traces as I can and finding out how many/which are required for it to still be NFC capable, as that'll help me when I go to actually put in the main brains I guess.

    Anyone have any idea wtf most of those are doing though? It looks super inefficient to have that many different traces over the entire card.
  • Big lines on the bottom are the magstripe for swiping, top left is probably efficiency boosting RF collector, the swirl around the chip is nfc. The six pads around a larger center seventh is an insert read type. Common on rfid cards.
  • oh and the thin outside loops you lost are the standard rfid lines.
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