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Anyone is making project with Arduino now?


  • I've got non biohacking projects going on. Why do you ask?
  • I am usually making something with Arduino. Right now it is a weather station and a distance sensor.
  • That'd be an interesting augment. Walking weather center
  • The weather vane is the most difficult implant.</sarcasm>
  • A barometric indicator would be an interesting thing. Sort of a personal storm sensor over what we already sense.

    But I'm working with about 4 flavors of arduino right now, what did you need?
  • Seems easier to just have it contact an API rather than use a local barometer, more accurate and all that
  • Less accurate locally, more accurate regionally. You could pick up local pressure as well. The apis can be anywhere from 5 to 30 miles away.
  • I'm a new om Arduino. Then I'd like to know where you used to purchase the components for Arduino project. I'm a student. Then the cheaper, the better. :)
  • Hi @markc,

    Are you looking for Arduino boards to do stuff with NFC? Because if so, I have quite a few Arduino boards sealed and in their boxes that I would be willing to sell to you on the cheap. Let me know if you're interested :)
  • I'm looking to get a chip here shortly to go along with my magnet, what kind of stuff is usually done with Arduino/NFC? I may be interested as well :D
  • Arduino controlled garage door opener is next on my list...
  • Thanks and my friend has recommended me an online store for cheap Arduino board and components now.
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