Gratuitous Off-Topic Post about SfM

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We're kaput folks. Splat.
It was an interesting trip, but due to irreconcilable personal differences, @Cassox and @glims have parted ways.

Why should anyone care? Meh, I doubt you really should. @Cassox is still out in Cali with the medical space. @glims is up in Seattle with all the biology tools. Everyone is still working and doing cool stuff. Just not in the same location. 

The website is now a personal blog. Tbh, it always was, we just fancied it up. It will be up for background info in case anyone wants to do a bit of backlog reading, as well as updates if I actually do anything. @Cassox asked that I remove his posts under intellectual property concerns, so there may be a couple of holes, as that is his prerogative. Luckily @Saal made most of the early posts so there's quite a bit there.

Let's keep any questions and or comments related to peoples personal lives somewhere else. Just a suggestion, I just don't think it's the place. 

EDIT: I've requested that this post be closed and sunk in 24hrs. There is no reason to waste extra time talking about this. Don't we have something better to do? -_-


  • question far cassox - Will you be updating your augmentation limitless blog? You can put the posts from SfM there.
  • Yep. It's all in the works.
  • Well that's a shame, you two seemed to be a great team and know what you're doing. 
  • It happens eventually. All the great bands eventually break up. Nobody died, and the community still has access to your expertise. And y'all did some damn cool stuff together. 
  • Yea, we got more momentum in the past 6 months than in the previous year. The scene had honestly stagnated for a while and now there are a dozen active projects. Bummer to hear you guys are going separate ways, but your energy really helped light a fire in the community. 
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