Discussion about pigment retrieval methods in the case of eye tattoos

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I'm kind of a novice when it comes to asking this, but I think I have a very solid idea about what I'm trying to do here. 

So, eye tattoos: we've seen them around and they do look quite neat but we also don't know long term effects with these sorts of body modifications. We know that the pigment is injected between the sclera and conjunctiva and that it can remain mobile for a long period of time  (however, we don't know if this is forever or what). People have tried to retrieve the ink using a sucking method but there was no success from what I've seen/read online. 

Here's where my idea comes in. I'm thinking since the area where this stuff is injected into is so slim (maybe a couple tens of microns from the conjunctiva to the sclera in height), the ink behaves more like a suction type deal and will remain in place because of how narrow everything is. BUT what if we use a synthesized nano material with slight magnetic properties and more favorable bonding (so pigments want to attach to the material) and then we can pull the pigment out through the injection points where the nano material was put in at a later time? Could a material like this be safe? 

I know I'd need to know the profiles and behaviors of the pigments, and most of them are not well studied like this to even start but I want to speculate with someone who might be able to help me... kinda guide me. I'm a lost puppy in what I'd need to do. The pigments are not reactive and they are not 'dyes'.

Why would someone wanna take out their eye tattoo?
Well, some cases are botched, so the person has TOO MUCH pigment in there and the pressure in the eye causes constant headaches, so this could adjust for that; doctors might not perform necessary eye surgeries in the future to people with eye tattoos, to say remove a cataract, so this could be a way to resolve that type of issue; a person might want a different color, etc. (it might even be able to help in the cases where people have gone blind because ink went over the retina - maybe this nano material could go in there and all of it be pull out/off the retina)

I'm mostly thinking about this because of the long haul effects. What happens down the road, no one can say but we should have something there, a safety net if you will, because no one deserves to go blind because of this (and people already have from botched attempts).


  • (PS: this is a very intimate subject for me. I really genuinely want to help myself and others like myself who want/have this tattoo and want it to be safe for everyone who is interested in doing this. I love being able to see, you know? ) 
  • I was also looking into having this done. This may be a very stupid response so feel free to tell me so but here it is.
    You cant pull liquid from a sealed container any container. this is why vacuum pumps work and fuel tanks have breather pipes. i assume when you inject the ink the air or liquid contain in the eye is forced out of the space next to the needle to let the ink take its place. even if thats not the case if you consider the eye sealed trying to suck out the ink is near impossible. now i assume adding a breather pipe or open needle nearby may not be a great idea as air contains germs so instead here are the ways that i think may work.

    1. inject a open needle use a second needle with a clear liquid and inject that close by in effect pushing the ink out of the open needle

    2. use a clear liquid in a container without plunger and as above only pull the plunger on the empty needle which should suck the ink out and cause the clear liquid to replace it.

    3. make a unit that links the two needles together so when you apply a pushing force to the clear one it would apply the same equal pulling force to the other however this would need to be digital i assume
  • Maybe utilizing an ink that breaks down to a very very specific frequency of infrared or ultraviolet light? Or some other extremely specific signal that requires a therapy time to break down.

    Oooh I just thought of a really interesting idea. I know it isn't related, but if you will humour it, an ink that reacts with the presence of certain chemicals in the blood? Massive that turns x color when you have a certain blood alcohol content, or y threshold of adrenaline or dehydration or carbon dioxide levels or potassium... I'm not sure, but that would be really cool to see one's eyes change color as input from balances/imbalances in the bodies blood content and levels in it.

    Sorry, I digress. >~<

    Interested in seeing where this goes. But my own presented idea would be a substance just waiting to 'break down' and be able to be absorbed into the body, triggered by whatever immediate exposure of energy is ideal or possible.
  • Fascinated, love seeing you do your homework here and following!
  • Ima just leave this here. LINK
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