Future Grind: New Biohacking-Focused Podcast!

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Hey folks! Grindhouse was the first ever guests on the futurism-themed podcast, Future Grind, which was released today on both iTunes and YouTube. It's hosted by Grindhouse collaborator and producer Ryan O'Shea. You can listen and get the show notes at their website, futuregrind.org :D We have a goal of getting featured on iTunes' "New & Noteworthy" section, which will really help to spread the word about biohacking and help all of us grow. For that to happen, we need to get some interactions. Here's how you can help!

Subscribe, rate, and leave a review on iTunes
Desktop instructions (with iTunes downloaded):
- Go to their page on the iTunes website. Under our logo, click the button that says "View in iTunes".
- When iTunes opens, there will be a "Subscribe" button under the Future Grind logo. Click that.
- Click "Review and Ratings" and leave a star and text review.
Mobile Instructions (with "Podcasts" app on iPhone)
- Open "Podcasts" app. Search for "Future Grind". It should be the first one to come up, but if not, you should be able to identify it by the logo (above). Click that.
- Above the "Related" tab, tap "Subscribe"
- Tap the "Reviews" tab and "Write a Review".

Subscribe, like, favorite, and leave a comment on YouTube
Here's the link to the video.
Subscribe to the channel, Like the video and join the discussion below.
Feel free to click "Add To" and favorite it or add it to a playlist as
well :D

Finally, spread the word!
Share the podcast on your social media accounts, post in any relevant groups, and tell your friends!

all the media coverage biohackers tend to get is a few minutes of
sensationalized factually-incorrect stuff that skips over the point of
the whole thing. A podcast in which we can control the message and get
the word out to the public on our own terms will be HUGE, and I
definitely hope this gives all of us a platform to do that.

Thanks again
for all of your help, and let me know if you have any questions,
suggestions, feedback, or concerns!



  • Shared. Shared all over. :)
  • I thought it was a great start.  Interesting, really well edited and bitchin opening music, too.  How often are they going to come out, and what/who is next up for discussion?  Unfortunately iTunes won't let me subscribe, it just gives me an error.
  • AWESOME !  i'm glad you finally got on doing this !  am listening and sharing.
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    Thanks for spreading the word! New episode just launched. This one is a bit different and focuses on space exploration and Mars colonization, but we come at it from the idea of "If humans going to transcend our limitations in space, we'll need to biohack and bioengineer the human body", so definitely still relevant. 

    @Proteus, that's so strange that iTunes won't let you subscribe. It's definitely something I'll look into if it's still not working for you. Here's the link to our iTunes page

    And here's the YouTube video of the new podcast - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MAuI7voYb0. We're also going to start releasing non-podcast (so YouTube exclusive) videos as well. I think one of the first ones will be an in depth overview and Q&A on Tim Cannon's Circadia implant.

    Ideally I want a new episode to come out every couple of weeks, but I'm not going to hold on a hard deadline on that. Some might come out more frequently, some might come out less. Just depends on what's going on. I'm definitely open to topic or guest suggestions that any of you may have!
  • Weird, now iTunes lets me subscribe but won't download either episode.  I normally avoid iTunes (the newest version is brutal), but I'll figure it out eventually. 

    Anyway, I'm downloading the new one off youtube and I'll listen to it on the road tomorrow.  Looking forward to it!
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