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I think a dedicated site would be nice that can take all the main FAQ's and put them there such as,

Where can I buy biohacking supplies?

What locations work best for what?

What is biohacking?

Why would you do that?

What does it feel like? Etc..


  • Im confused. Why is this better than the wiki?
  • Don't worry I do that a lot to people. I wouldn't say it's better but the first thing I saw when I found this was a forum with a lot of jumbled up questions not the wiki. I also see a lot of threads with generally the same questions in them just asked slightly differently. I spent a while trying to find some sort of web page/forum with this info and I ended up here not the wiki.
  • Would having an announcement/sticky post with a referral to the wiki be a decent lead-in? I realize the only real prominent "HEY WE HAVE A WIKI" thing going on is a sticky on the overhaul and a teensy tiny link in the top right.

    I'm thinking some kind of Welcome post with a super brief/general "What Is Biohacking" followed up by some wiki links stuck to the top of the forum? Do you think that would have made for a better jumping off point?
  • Yes that is basically what I'm trying to say. Thank you for clearing my thoughts up lol. Just need to have a welcome and general info to things a new comer would like to know (might be referencing me) about.

    Again my thoughts are very scattered if I need to clearify anything let me know
  • Evidently the intro post I had announced wasn't clear enough so I rewrote it with a new title to help draw attention.
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