photography project: call for grinders worldwide

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Hi everybody,
my name is Hannes Wiedemann, i am an independent photographer from Berlin.
For the upcoming months i will be doing a documentary/portrait work on the grinder community worldwide.
Rather than the folks from academia i’m interested mostly in the visual appearance of all that. There is such a long tradition in picturing the human body throughout art history – i am very much interested in what the ‘cyborg’s’ body looks like in 2015 and how it could be represented in art and photography.
Everybody who has any kind of input, who particularly wears implants, performs implanting procedures on others or is going to get one, everyone who is running a hackerspace or is otherwise interested in collaboration and feels sympathy for the project is warmly invited to get in touch with me.
even if you feel kind of ‘camera shy’ as many people are – don’t hesitate to contact me, i know how to deal with it as a professional. even if you think 'it's not visual at all' better write me and you'll be surprised ;)

i am very exited to meet you folks!

skype on request!


  • hey everybody,
    thanks for your messages! anybody else interested? next i'll be to the US (east coast) 08/26 - 10/05...

  • Well, I'm almost done, had a great time and met so many people in the USA in summer. Again, anyone else interested, based in Europe?
  • Thanks for coming out Hannes!
  • Make sure to keep us updated, Hannes!
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    yes, update: I'm still shooting and will be coming to Bodyhacking Con Austin mid Feb 
  • I'm in Seattle if you want to come down
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