Planning my first implant

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So I'm going to be using a magnet from dangerous things. I'm assuming they are good seeing how they are "made by grinders". Is there any thing I should worry about? Also I will use lidocaine seeing how I think the pain of not using it will outweigh my fear of needles.

My location will be in the left hand middle finger left side. I find that I almost never use/contact that spot.

I haven't really found anyone to do this yet but am working on getting my sister who does tattoos to do it.
I have read the blog posts but I was hoping for a more basic set of instructions regarding depth of cut and injections.

If I'm missing something important from what I am doing please let me know as I would hate having it rejected.
I'm also gonna do an RFID but that won't be for a bit


  • So far my hunt for an installer has turn up with three shops saying you won't find in in the north east because it is not good for you....I am leaning to self implanting hope I got the stomach!

    I may start with RFID and temperature one I saw online at (I know it's miss spelt)
  • Not sure how soon you need the instructions for depth of cut/injection, but I may have something finished by august, with pictures and all. 
  • Well at the pace I am going with finding a person to do it that will be too soon. I would love the information seeing as I'm most likely doing this myself.

    Are you doing a "study" to try and catalog it or just documenting the process. I feel like there is a need to really get the information out there for people to see so they can understand why and what is being done; also a need to "standardize" the methods so you can kind of be trained to do it for a lack of better description.
  • Have you read the wiki or ?

    They basically have everything you are asking
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    I I did read augmentationlimitless. I wasn't able to really navigate the wiki nothing showed up when I went to it.

    When I said get the information out I was more talking about to people who wouldn't otherwise even know about it so some form of publication.

    Edit: the first time I went must have been a bad link I tried to look from the button in the corner and it worked fine.
  • Well, the magnet implant guide currently only covers pre-operative prep. I'm a bit hesitant to go out and say exactly how to do the incisions and such until I finish my research (and pester @cassox with many questions). We could always go post a guide to facebook, or something.
  • That would be a good way to really get people to see it. I haven't looked but has there been any papers done on it? Basicly compiling very much like the wiki and blog but more research based. Stats and such.
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