New to Biohacking and need some advice

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Hello!  I recently discovered biohacking and am thoroughly intrigued!  I have been doing a bit of research and would like to implant an RFID chip into my hand in the near future.  Planned use for the chip would be unlocking my phone and front door to start with.  Then the sky is the limit.  I had a few questions before I get started though.

1. What is the process and required program(s) to create commands to write to the chip?  I currently have an Android phone and I have set a few commands on NFC chips (mute phone, launch app, etc.).  However, these commands were provided in the NFC Tool app that I downloaded.  For writing to a chip would I need any special software/program?
2. What would be the recommended chip to implant?  I have looked at the xEM tag on dangerous things and I believe this would be a good option.  Anyone have any other recommendations?  
3. I realize that a chip is small, but do I need to worry about it being detected by airport metal detectors?  I fly frequently for work and don't want to have to explain to TSA what is in my hand every time that I go through security. 

Thanks so much for the taking the time to answer my questions!  Also, if anyone lives in the Las Vegas area and wouldn't mind meeting to share some knowledge that would be much appreciated!


  • An android app should be able to write to it just fine :) that's what I've been using.

    I've got the xNT and it has treated me well. I'm not sure if the xEM tag will respond to an android device to be entirely honest. I suggest also checking out the specs on the locks you're looking for. Different types of chips will work on different frequencies (The xEM is a 125KHz ATA5577 chip, while the xNT is a 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 2 NTAG216 RFID chip)

    I fly quite often and I have never had an issue with 3 magnets and my chip, so you SHOULD be ok. (/worst/ case you might wanna look into precheck stuff. In my experience if you're on the tsa pre check they really don't give even half a shit about anything. Let alone small implants.)
  • I'm planning to get my stuff from dangerous things. Any input on using their magnets and their kits?
  • if you are doing it yourself, I would recommend getting sets from (another grinder shop), If you are letting piercer to do it DO NOT LET HIM AUTOCLAVE THE MAGNET!!!
  • Ok not sure what it is but I most certainly will not. I'm also starting to lean to doing it myself seeing as locating a person to do it is failing.
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    Autoclaving is method of sterilification commonly used by piercers, many people say their magnet lost it's strenght after being autoclaved

    If its possible and you are doing it yourself, we would greatly appreciate a video of implantation
  • I most certainly will video it at the least you will get a laugh lol
  • If possible, use a tripod, and figure out your camera angle before you start the procedure. It's a real pain trying to move things around once you've started, not to mention a contamination risk.
  • My wife will likely be filming it so I won't have to worry about that ;)
  • @BirdMachine thanks for the information!  I will check out the xNT and the locks that I will be getting.
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