Rebooting Biohack

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It seems as if activity here has dropped to an all time low.  It's time for us to get back in gear.  

Needless to say, we need to start a mass recruiting campaign, unfortunately this requires that we actually have something to show new people.  Even though it is dangerous, I think it is time we begin to tread into the bio part of bio-hacking.  This means we have to contact our local DIYbio labs and see what we can get done.  There is a place for programmers as well.  I am sure we all know how insecure RFID chips are, perhaps they could be reprogrammed to be safer.  These are just examples of what can be done now.

Target audience for recruiting: People with technical knowledge, such as engineers, scientists, programmers, and the like.  

P.S:  We should get working on a Mumble. The more interaction the better 


  • Perhaps a blog for the front of the website would help too, for posting interesting news.
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    Truth be told, I left for a while once I got annoyed that half the people I sent magnets to just vanished and never paid me after all the work I put in. Then - then - I lost the magnets I had left for myself so I couldn't even get my own done.

    That being said I recently found them again, and even though I'm going away on holiday soon I plan on having some implanted when i get back by a local BM I found who has tentatively agreed to do what he can to help. I'll put a video up when I do get it done.

    Knowing who has and hasn't paid is somewhat difficult because it's hard for me to correllate the transactions to names in some cases, but I know that something like half of the people I shipped magnets to have paid me. Seems like some people got what they wanted from me and then vanished. That being said, *thankyou* to everyone who did pay (some of you even paid over the odds), it means a lot to me that I was able to help.

    Mumble would be a fantastic idea, and I'm with anyone who wants to kickstart things again :)
  • The IRC is updated and working better than ever now- connect at channel #biohack to join in. Also, visit that URL with your web browser for the web client if you don't have a client or don't want to install one.
  • @MrWizrd people didn't pay you? That is not fucking on. How much have you been left short?
  • Yeah, that is no way to do this!
    You said it was around half the people??

    About my own "abstinence": I kept reading everything, just had nothing to contribute so far. 

    About the idea to make RFID more secure: For what I gathered so far it is more likely to be a basic design flaw rather than being a bad implementation of software.
  • I hope we can get this place going, I was happy to find this place but it sure has been dead!
  • Hello chaps. I don't know if there are many people around here at the moment, but I am more into the biology/pharmacology side of things than the electro/mechanical side of things, although I do have an avid interest in the use of exogenous electric signals on human tissues.

    Looking forward to being a part of this community.
  • @Joshua :  It is very nice to have you here
  • Hi, Joshua.
  • Sorry for going slightly off topic from the original thread but a few questions:

    1 Is there a way to sort posts by most recent? It seems as if all the posts are listed in order that they were started.

    2 Does most of the discussion go on via IRC? I couldn't find the group when I checked the other day.

    3 Magnetic implants seems to be the main thrust of the community. Is this a current focus, or is this the main interest of the members in general?

    4 Have there been any efforts in compiling texts on grinding? I have developed quite a wide library in biology and computer science over the years, and it has helped me out enormously. I think it would be good if we developed a set of shared resources for the grinder community where we can all participate. It may also stimulate some discussion. I can start a new thread if this has not been resolved already.

  • @Joshua:

    1.  Posts are sorted by the last time someone commented on them, with the exception of announcements, which always go on the top.

    2.  The IRC channel has changed, if you didn't already know this.  It's now on freenode, channel ##biohack.  There's not an awful lot of discussion, though, as of the last time I was there.  Most of the discussion seems to go on at Grindhouse meetings at this point.

    3.  Magnetic implants are the starting point for most grinders, and the main focus when this site first launched was to get most people a set.  Now, though, we've been focusing more on other projects (though mostly off-site).

    4.  Not to my knowledge.

  • I would encourage starting a new thread because I'm very interested in compiling text, I'm sure others would be too. We could get a wiki started up pretty easily. 
  • @Ian - Thanks.
    1 I released that my client side CSS was blocking some of the formatting.  I have sorted that now.

    2 I tried the new IRC, but I couldn't see any conversations there.  What is Grindhouse?

    3 Cheers.  Althought the magnet implants is a fascinating areas, wetwork is more my thing.

    4 I have created a new thread on the matter.

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    Hey! Thought I'd chime in; you said you're looking for technical people - well, I'm not terribly technical, but it is my aim to become so!

    I've recently discovered that I have the aptitude to learn programming! I'm not any good at it, but I went from struggling for years to even be able to script a very simple thing to actually buckling down and grasping the logical systems needed to do so. I'm going to work on learning Python sometime over the summer, and also to design android apps - these two are only tangentially related, mostly having to do with the two uses I have for them.

    The reason I think this is significant is because I am approaching this bodymodding thing from the angle of eventually being able to use myself to interface with a computer - very likely, a rooted, gutted (in terms of software) smartphone designed for various interface means. I could, for instance, put together .ahk scripts that would probably key off of variable rate RFID inputs to treat them as multi-function controllers, with a little digging into the library. I wanna note that this is all theoretical for now but it is a very simple concept that just needs to have someone put it together. I am hoping as I get into this community I can start coming up with ways to take my own future bodymodding in this "interfacing" direction!
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