So I'm new to the whole implant scene and probably to much of a whimp to through with one BUT I will try. My thought occurred during an overnight shift while hyped up on red bull and monster (go figure).

I will try To make this concise I will use little detail as it was a thought with little research done (just got home from the shift).

1)place implants to take blood sugar, blood pressure, iron, and possible other medical needs on a board ONLY to house and connect the said sensor/s to an external receiver that attaches via pressure clip such as when installing a new laptop screen( just did it).

2) make the external device that can process the information and enable it to have an "upload" means via Bluetooth or usb and microusb to upload to a laptop or other device such as a doctors pc. The device can easily be removed via straps or if you get magnet happy do the same partially implanted more to hold the device in place will connecting.

I have recently noticed most doctors are staring at laptop screens now more then patients which would make it simple to "plug and play". This would of course make the implants inactive so long as the main hub is not connected to the implants since they do not have a memory function or battery. The Main design reason would be to eliminate the size requirement similar to the circadia. Obviously you could integrate a flash memory and small battery to enable constant data tracking and recharge said battery every time you connect a powered processor.

Alright vets let loose I'm curious what you guys think!


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