project insulin auto dispensing insulin and monitoring

hey everyone im new to all of this but have a basic idea and hoping someone can help me out to further develop the idea.
so my idea is some kind of implant that monitors blood glucose and sends the data to a paired device e.g a phone.
when the phone receives an alert for low glucose it will sens a signal to a patch on the wearers arm that will then auto dispense a dose of insulin.

what do you think?
if so im after people who can help 


  • as you have the implant already you could in theory simplify diabetes and it would help billions of people.
    all you would need to do it put on a patch in the morning and that's it there would be no need to worry about the diabetes as much as you used to by constantly monitoring blood and applying insulin yourself all of the time.
    it would just be automated 
  • Human trials on such products are starting 2016 afaik. Those implants operate without smartphone and automatically administer insulin. They come with a reservoir which needs to be topped off every 2 weeks or so. Try searching google for it, you'll find plenty of articles/news.
  • Being a diabetic, I've thought about it a lot, but I doubt anything you could build yourself would beat the commercial systems in safety, quality, utility, etc. There's a big drive given how prominent Type 2 is.

    Also, when someones blood glucose gets low, I'd hope you wouldn't give them a dose of insulin :P
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