Bone strength modifications

I am planning on 3d printing extra bone material to graft to mine. I am going to put it on the inside, and I am looking to see if anybody knows the safe amount of marrow to remove. Please let me know with your feedback, thank you.


  • Please provide more details. What bone and what is the plan? I've worked on a few bone projects and might advise a different route than trying to replace marrow. Also consider who is going to do the procedure. Any osteo infection can be deadly or require amputation. On the other hand. .. the right stimulus and supplements can convert/change bone composition to the extent that you can break through a foot of concrete.
  • Spongey bone that is the part that absorbs shock, I am not trying to replace the marrow I am trying to remove some of it not all of it because blood loss could be a serious problem. I am trying to add stronger, thicker, spongey bone so they are not as easy to break.
  • I have already planned the procedure, I've got a buddy who is a surgeon and we already have a place for doing things like these, with anesthetics and disinfectant already on hand. The procedure is going to be on august,18, so I have plenty of time on my hands.
  • Interesting. What bone?
  • Well cancellous bone is pretty vascular so there would be some concern with bleeding. Moreover depending on what you are placing, an interruption in vascular flow, even just a decrease could be an issue. Is your friend planning on doing micro surgery or simply avoiding vessels? I've seen holes punched into bones for emergency iv access but I'm trying to figure out how he intends to access the center in this case. What type of material are you having placed?
  • In terms of safe amount of marrow, I mean your not going to have issue with hematologic or anything from one bone. What aspect of safety are you thinking of?
  • I don't know all what he is going to do, I assume he is going to avoid the vessels, and if he can't we have surgical glue, nutrient vat. and several tools to repair the vessels. I will think about your proposition though, I would like to see the effects of trying to change the bone structure itself.
  • I do not think microsurgery is an option because we are 3d printing the bone, I assume it would be very hard to graft it with microsurgery. I still. need some marrow in my bones so if I lose blood I will have a way to restore it.
  • Can you tell us more about the material that you are using and the process for printing?
  • Dalton is in charge of printing the material to spray and grow the bone on. I only have limited understanding of what they are going to do, I am more of a lab rat even though I come up with the ideas and concepts.I assume the material he is printing is biodegradable. I just design simple microinjecting nanites, I don't print things as complex as body parts.
  • Ok well this is either a troll of you're a fool about to lose a kidney. either way thread closed due to lack of evidence or anything reasonable to show this isn't a troll.. 
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