NorthStar v 1.0 Implants are Coming!

Hey everyone, Grindhouse is ordering the first production run of our “NorthStar” devices. This first version will be a silicon implant that lights up with 5 bright red LEDs when activated with a magnet. We’re looking for people who are interested in being among the initial batch of pioneers (alongside Tim Cannon and some of the Grindhouse team) that can give us feedback on the product and be on the forefront of this technology. Tentative implant dates are in September 2015 at the earliest. If you’re interested in being among the first to explore this technology, shoot an email with your Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Address, and Email Address to  [email protected]

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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    Very interesting, can you give a little more info? Maybe I missed the post discussing the NorthStar,but this is the first I've heard of it. How big is it? What's the expected lifetime? Any idea how bright it will be under the skin? Price / size?

    Regardless - email sent :)
  • Also - got a bounceback from that email address. Is [email protected] correct?
  • Also got a bounce back and would love details on this as well. But I'm pretty sure I'm in!
  • i'm guessing he meant send it "to [email protected]"
  • well, shit! Yup, to info, so [email protected] sorry about that! editing the original now...

  • Sent an email, I'd like to know more about the device what it actually is/does, other than jsut a light under the skin?
  • I'm down to try it out. I'd like to see it first though.
  • For anyone who emailed us, we'll be sending out an email with more specific details and hopefully some photos early next week. If you expressed interest in this thread but didn't email, please send an email to [email protected] so that we have your contact information and can reach you. Thanks!
  • Any update on this? Maybe I just slipped off the radar somehow?
  • i thought the "north star" idea was an implantable compass?  will it light up in the direction of north or does it just light up a pattern under the skin when you hold a magnet to it?
  • Sounds like this'd go perfect with the m31.
    My only question is, what is the major function of the North Star? and will it include a way to charge from a wireless docking station or something similar?
  • Actually, the 1.0 is activated by a magnet and results in a series of lights coming on in a pattern. I understand the confusion regarding the compass aspect. The compass thing was the Southpaw.

    There is another model coming out soon that allows users to make certain gestures which are interpreted by a program an perform a function. You can turn lights on or off, etc etc. Basically, whatever you can think up. It's very cool stuff. I've seen the device in action.

    Now, I can see some people being critical of this 1.0 model because it doesn't have a tangible function like the next ones will. Keep in mind, this is a device made due to the enormous volumes of requests for just such an aesthetic based device. Ever since the circadia, people have asked for a way to put lights under the skin. This is going to provide that.
  • I am definitely holding out for a more functional implant. Helps that I am lacking in funds atm.

    Can't wait to see what the next evolutions of these implants look like.
  • Well, the longer you wait the smaller SMD stuff gets. We can already make pretty small stuff, but every year my eyesight gets worse trying to tweeze resistors and caps onto boards that just keep shrinking.
  • Does anyone actually have a video of this thing in action or is it just prototype at this point? I could think of some interesting placement for a simple glow light in me.
  • Oh no, it's in manufacturing man. I've seen video of them functioning although I haven't seen one implanted yet. It's cool stuff. I'll see if one of the Grindhouse crew can post a video up.
  • That would be sick. With out me knowing I'm thinking a line down the outside of each bicep maybe the forearm.
  • Any word on getting a video of northstar? I'm dying to see one of them in action. Also, what progress has been made on the circadia? It seems like the development at Grindhouse is pretty tight lipped. 
  • Finally got a video up onto youtube!
    If you missed your chance to check out the prototype at grindfest, here's a brightness test!

  • I am willing to do it. I would like the one with motion control more, but hey this will make room so that once that one is ready it can be a 'drop in replacement'
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