Refined Nd-60 implant procedure

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The first implant procedure was a failure: two of the magnets pushed out during surgery, the third stayed in for a few weeks before migrating out the pad of my finger.

So I did it again.

I switched from using a scalpel to a six gauge needle, as nearly every grinder but me had (go figure), and had a buddy help more significantly with the suturing, closing the wound tighter. A month later and there's no warning signs of migration.

Insertion remains an issue during surgery, especially when time sensitive: lidocaine's only realistically effective for a half hour max.

Any other suggestions for how this can be improved? I think it's almost ready for the wiki.


  • Nice timing with that post, I was going to perform the implant procedure using scalpel in a few days thinking, that everything went fine with yours.
    Now I've ordered a couple of needles and I would be grateful if you could describe in details(e.g. how deep? where exactly? at what angle?) the insertion process using the piercing needle. Also I would appreciate some info on the aftercare(e.g. after how many days did you remove the sutures?)

    I know, that some of this info is scatered in some posts and on the Lepht blog, but it would be nice have it in one place, and hear it from the 'fresh' source.
    Thanks in advance.
  • @SovereignBleak:  What finger(s) did you use this time?  If one of your index fingers was involved, I would very much like to hear whether or not the magnet in that finger works; I've heard that the thumb and index fingers are no good for magnets, but maybe I'm just being paranoid.

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