Don't give up on internal batteries just yet.

An engineer at a New York University has developed a paper battery that creates electricity from the bacteria in murky water. It utilizes the microbial respiration of the bacteria to produce power.

That same engineer is also trying to create an internal solar cell capable of powering implantables. He's already drastically improved the current model of internal solar cells.


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    Internal batteries of great power are very important for the future of grinding and
    augmentation. I am putting my money on graphene batteries. Maybe with internal
    pendulums like high class watches that recharges the batteries simply by

    I once had an idea to have a crazy internal energy power source inside our own bodies, but it was downright insane.

    Basically, it consisted in having a small bag where fresh stomach acid would be pumped. Inside this bag there would be a zinc plate and a gold plate. The acid would cause a electrochemical reaction, generating power.

    Pretty much useless, I realized after a few minutes of contemplation.

  • We're working on some graphene capcitor tech. Although the king of graphene atm is a guy called robert murray smith. He's working with edison power to produce a 1 megafarad graphene  cap about the size of a 9.5 by 11 piece of paper, albeit a bunch thicker. All his work is on youtube. If we can do get to even half of power his caps are holding than your internal batteries become tiny and can hold a stupid amount of power.
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