Seriously, where did we get linked from?

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Is anyone else noticing the massive increase in "woo" and general retardation around here? (Thinking specifically of two members I have noticed), did we get linked to by a supernatural and/or conspiracy site? Or is this normal and I just haven't been around long enough to see it happen regularly?


  • I've noticed this as well; however, I think it can be healthy to a degree. Group think is dangerously blinding. Unless it becomes exceedingly distracting or disruptive I think the best policy is to let it go. The parts that do get my hair all ruffled and shit is false claims. If a person makes a wayout claim they need to provide evidence. Not doing so should be grounds for being ejected from the forums. It's ok to be bullshitty to some degree, but straight up lying is antithetical to our purpose.
  • I've noticed this as well. Definitely a trend. I like the sound of Cassox's approach, personally. If people are willing and able to provide documentation and research involving their claims, by all means my feathers will remain unruffled. Cawing on about special supernatural ability with no mention of research and documentation, however, seems to be pretty strongly against the goals and desires of the form in general. I won't claim to speak for everyone, but I have a pretty good hunch.

    So we should probably consider a way to handle those cases. Request records/research/documentation/SOMETHING scientific at least, or the post will be removed within 24 hours ish, keep it up and expect a boot?
  • There had been a general increase in people going to the site in the first place. Get more people, get more woo. It's the cost of being a public forum. The public, especially the type who like this sort of thing, have a tendency to be a little out there...

    I think that is what has been happening, as far as the 24 hr rule. There were some initial instances where things were left a little long, but after the military psychic implant post, I think everyone got kinda fed up. 
  • I told one friend about magnetic implants because I thought they would be interested in it, a quick google search find us here. They do not believe that junk though.
  • i found you by various researches on serious websites, like kurzweiai and so :). But i think a lot of people are completely obsessed by the conspiracy about rfid chips, so you may appear in some google search results.
  • I know that back in August there was an article on MSN about "biotechnology in the future" and a few slides on it about the night vision stuff, implant magnets, project bottlenose, and how far along we are in cyborg capabilities.

    It peaked my interest enough to go looking for the actual community behind the stuff and after a while I found my way here. Mostly in search of a list of implanters for magnets.

    I stuck around because I liked the concept of the forum, but odds are that a lot of the Woo is coming from people that got their interest piqued from a sensationalized article that was spreading across the big news sites and got hooked into the forum because what goes on here is awesome. I know that I avoided posting anything stupid only because I come from a scientific background family, but less inclined people are easily suckered into sensationalized articles. And hoping to add to the forum, misguidedly post the links to BS without realizing that it is in fact shit.

    Eh, my two cents, for what it's worth.
  • I found the community as I was getting my magnet implant.  I started following it more regularly when I decided I wanted to get 'chipped as well.  

    The more interested people are in enhancing themselves for reasons other than aesthetics or athleticism, the more likely they'll end up here.  I wholeheartedly accept the people, but I am also a skeptic.  Any statement of fact needs reliable documentation, of course.  Anything short of statement of fact and people can speculate to their heart's content.

  • Both IFL Science and Popular Science magazine have run articles about you guys in some capacity at this point, that's how I found the site. Personal opinion here, I know that the purpose of this forum is to be very open minded and supportive of ideas, but I find that some obviously batshit crazy ones get humoured a little too much just because the thought experiment of it is amusing to work through. It's equal parts entertaining and painful to watch.
  • Lately, anything that is straight up woo or impossible gets shot down pretty hard. The thing is, talking through this stuff sometimes leads to other ideas. Also a lot of people don't initially have the background to make the call on if an idea is possible or not, so people tend to get excited :D
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