About My Stigmata and How it can Benefit BioHack.Me Community

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Hey Guys,

Check out my real supernatural biohack.  I think and hope all of us can learn greatly from my body marks.  image


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    So, could you explain what this does, why it works, and provide us with documentation supporting any claims you make? 

    Also, Biohacking is not the same as body modding. While biohacking may fall under Body modding, biohacking doesn't really include strictly cosmetic body mods. 
  • Thanks for the doodle but I fail to see what this has to do with biohacking. Also this is no place for supernatural woo. Your birthmarks do not count as a biohack and so please explain how this is relevant.
  • This thread has been closed due to woo and unverified claims.

    Woo and unverified claims will lead to this. Always.
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