Just a reminder, surgery should be delicate and precise

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This LINK should help you focus before surgery 


  • I was expecting a screamer link, but this was almost as bad
  • Oh come on this wasn't bad this was hilarious. I find it funny that surgery isn't as dainty as it's made out to be sometimes

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    I am not sure if that is going to help with the stereotype of orthopedic surgeons being meatheads. :P
  • I'm pretty curious ... what exactly is going on there?
  • I think surgery should be non intrusive, and I firmly stand with that thought.  Who wants fools on booze poking you around.  

    Surgery got to be non invasive and got to be done once for good, forever.  

    You get your biohack like a walk in a park, hopefully can not feel a thing, and you programmed for life. 
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