Magnet implanted in toe



  • macroscopically nothing might have appeared to happen but clearly looking at your green infected toe gold isn't working out for ya!
  • Camera is horrible, it is a light yellow, slightly more pale than the surrounding skin.
  • Hmmm. People seem to be responding somewhat negatively to this post. My opinions?

    Ok, in terms of gold my primary concern here would be gold and... what? Gold is rather biocompatible, but I'd really be cautious that it's not some alloy. Also the Moh Hardness is like 2 something. Really low. Titanium in comparison is like 6. So, if it's applied very thin... then surface strength may be an issue. To be honest... after implantation I wouldn't be too concerned. Imagine trying to scratch a gold ring by slapping it with a steak. So... if it's a pure gold with good surface integrity prior to implant your probably fine.

    In terms of the spherical shape, it produces a pretty good field. It maximizes volume with minimal surface area or summat... resulting in a good relative field size and strength. Downsides? There is no "laying flat." This may cause a pebble type of effect, particularly in the feet. Also, if exposed to a magnetic field, the torque is going to be rotational. The ball is going to spin so that the oppositely charged side faces the object. So while there are some interesting aspects I'm not sold on the shape.

    Camera stuff... yeah. You have to have a friend with a better camera or something man. Or go to best buy where people recycle phones and reach in and jack an old phone or something. I believe in you. You can do it!

    Instead of cellophane, perhaps consider some simple gauze and tape. It would wick away any moisture rather than trapping it. Keep the updates coming.
  • The skin flaked off today, and the magnet came out with it.
    I think that stitches would have been better, the superglue got in the opening, and the magnet got stuck to the skin.
    And I got some coarse sandpaper, and the coating is about .2 millimetres thick (it took a while for the gold to come off).
    According to the wikipedia article on gold, its hardness is 2.5 (I know there is barely any difference, but I like being exact).
  • How deep are you implanting?
  • About 2 milimetres deep, but when the discoloured skin flaked off, it started going towards the hole, closer to the surface.
  • I believe there was some discussion earlier about your implant depth. Last time you put the magnet in a callus. Would you say that the magnet was implanted deeper than last time or roughly the same depth?
  • It was implanted twice as deep, but when the skin peeled off some, the magnet went closer to the surface to roughly as deep as it was the first time.
    I think it would have stayed at the right depth if the skin did not peel off.
    Am I correct about it staying if the skin did not peel off (first time it peeled off, not when it did completely and the magnet came with it)?
    The first time the skin peeled, the magnet went closer to the surface, and I superglued the opening shut like i did after the implantation procedure (that is when the magnet got stuck to the skin); but the second time skin peeled off, all of the discoloured skin came off and the magnet came too (stuck to the skin).
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