significant magnetic strength lost in the M31's after implantation

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I purchased some of the M31's and found a piercer who agreed to install them and left them a spare to put in themselves first to get a feel for it. They put theirs in their wrist and it's mostly healed at this point but a problem is that the implant has lost significant strength. They're unable to hold up any coins, paper clips, etc. Nothing larger than a staple. Now I plan on getting them in my finger tips, will the difference in skin thickness be enough to improve the magnetic pull? has anyone else run into this? or have any suggestions to improve strength once they've been implanted?


  • Did you run them through an autoclave? That messes up their magnetic biz.
  • Yea the piercer ran it through an autoclave, the others are still in their packaging so are currently safe. Going to see if he will put them in without autoclaving.
  • Temperatures above 150F will cause the magnets to rapidly return to chunks of (relatively) dull metal.
  • Chem sterilization is really the only way to go with magnets.
  • Okay, but make sure you do sterilize them somehow, because if you don't, they will reject. < Here are some chemical sterilization options you should strongly consider. (By the way, the wiki is in tip top shape lately, props to those who've been working on it, so you might find it helpful to sleuth around there for a while.)
  • Here's a bit of unofficial, untracable, unpointed and random information that relates not at all to this thread:

    Fish Cin (available here) is a drug called clindamycin given to fish which is COINCIDENTALLY an antibiotic in humans useful for implanting objects and avoiding rejection. I hope this information turns out useful to someone.
  • My M31 was sterilized with the included solution and has never been able to pick up more than a single thumbtack. My Hayworth magnet has no trouble picking up multiple thumbtacks clinging together. Sorry for using thumbtacks as a unit of measure.
    The ability to sense fields is also much lower than the Hayworth magnet. Has this been the case with anyone else who has two magnets for comparison?
  • That's really strange. I pulled a Hayworth out of someone because of the opposite complaint. I guess that it could be placed really drop or painted really poorly.
  • I have an m31 and 2 von cyborg cylinders... so far I've found that I can't really lift yet with the m31, but the cyborgs can carry some good weight. Something to note: There's a good half a year of healing difference between the two, which I think is something significant to consider. Sensitivity is also something I want to make note of. The m31 as of now feels on par with my cyborgs, even at 6 months of healing behind. No Hayworths to compare with yet though.
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    And he's refusing to implant anything without autoclaving, so im back to square one, awesome. But thanks for the info people are posting ill be sure to check into the advice given.
  • I'm also looking at about a staples worth of strength from the m31 - non autoclaved. However, I think it may have been implanted too deep and that's the issue for me. However, if lifting strength is a plus you could always look at the m63. 

    For comparison I have a Decker paraline coated one that can lift a spoon. The things large though, about the size of a grain of rice. 
  • @Cassox I have two m31 (am still fighting with them btw... Fluid stopped already but there's large swelling / magnets not as deep as I wanted them. Guess the fluid pushed them. Right now I'm trying to get them back into deeper layers by massaging (hurts, magnets get back up quickly) and magnetic force (hurts too, magnets sit better in the deep spots) - not sure if that might help at the end or if I'm just delaying the rejection but it's worth a try I guess) and both have different abilities: One of them is able to hold "Kronkorken" without a problem, in fact the force it creates hurts, so I don't do that (I noticed it by accident) while the other one can't. Both magnets are equal in strenght, the only difference is the depth. On the other side the one which can't hold a "Kronkorken" seems to be more sensitive to magnetic fields which is what I prefer but that might be objective, especially as I try to avoid magnetic fields. When/if they heal completely I might be able to give more data on that.

    BTW: A "Kronkorken" is the thing closing (beer) bottles:
  • Bottlecap in english.
  • Yeah, the M31 is intended to create sensation, not lift. The shape/size really was determined based on maximizing a useful field and creating a broad enough footprint without it being a monster. A cylinder shape has a rather poor field result in terms of effect vs. amount of material... but in terms of actually lifting they can be beasts. So a larger cylinder results in an equivalent sensitivity to an M31, but can lift more. Picking stuff up wasn't taken as an important consideration.
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