Nerve Growth Factor for proliferation of sensory neurons



  • Ok, so first off... this magnet rejected. I honestly feel that the problem lies more in the conditions during implant than having anything to do with the NGF. I seriously did this after an extended period of sleep deprivation without my standard tools, in poor lighting, in a dirty fucking warehouse in Los Angeles. The local had mostly worn off as well. It was just a damn poor job on my part. There was nearly no inflammation. The healing proceeded very rapidly. There was simply a region above the magnet that I damaged which dried out and wouldn't heal over properly.

    I intend to place another magnet in this same finger in 6 mo. I would like to also place another magnet with another 10ug in a different finger in the same hand. I'll keep you guys updated. Also, I think the biggest improvement in terms of administration would be to use a slow release, or eluting type of system. A constant trickle would be far better than a large acute dose, I think.
  • What about 1-2ug up to 10 over an extended period of time. I know this means more sticks but I'm thinking that if you use something to make it slow release, you're going to end up having unnecessary ish in your finger.
  • Where are you guys getting your NGF? Someone earlier said they found it online but it was fairly expensive, but if it ends up as part of the standard implantation procedure, people are going to need a cheaper supply. This past semester I was culturing E. coli to produce a different protein, but I feel like you could really easily produce it with basic micro bio equipment. Anyone know how to make DNA plasmids?
  • It looks like it's available on Sigma Aldrich (Link1 Link2) but it's bloody expensive... Based on the information supplied, it can be "manufactured" using E. coli, but it'll probably be a trick to get production of the stuff going. Producing it on a larger scale would definitely be in our interests, if SFM's experiments yield good results.
  • We're working on some stuff that if we went the bacteria route would be useful. But for now lets see how the tests hold up. There are plenty of other projects that we could throw money at as well, so lets not get over excited yet.
  • Bit of a necro, but what were the final results from this? I'm getting one of my magnets upgraded this summer and am interested in throwing some NGF at it if it has a net positive effect in the long run.
  • Pretty fantastic actually. I could feel my nerve all the way up my arm to the spine. The magnet I implanted was under really shitty sleep deprived conditions and ultimately rejected; however, that finger remains somewhat hypersensitive.
  • Sigma is always significantly higher than anyone else. If you have trouble finding a supplier I might be able to help.
  • Any answers or feedback on applications to magnets in other locations, made ideal with NGF whereas unideal previously?
  • You're still going to run into the proximity issues in other locations, that is, putting one in your face means you need to moosh your face near an object to get a read. fingers are like antennae, they are primarily how we feel out the world.
  • I could see this as being a wonderful, unique excuse to do things with, however...

    'Why are you rubbing your x on y?!"

    That makes a lot of sense. Thank you ^^
  • NGF looks like it has some pretty interesting effects even not injected.
  • Is there a good source for NGF? I'm very interested in trying this out.
  • Semi interested, but also very cautions because I just want to do one thing at a time. I don't want to experiment with both implanting magnets and NGF at the same time. @[email protected]

    Can NGF be incorporated at a different time/in a separate procedure in the same area?
  • @Cassox, I'm definitely interested in any help with supply. This will be happening in June, so I'll have to line up my order of NGF with that as I understand it has a shelf life. My plan is to get the install done, then when I get home about 8 hours later, Inject the NGF directly into the site as well as about an inch "upstream" in the next finger segment. I imagine the discomfort will keep me awake, but otherwise I'll be sleeping immediately afterwards to let the healing and growth begin. I don't plan to be taking anything else other than food and water during this time.
  • I'm sure there are tests to measure finger sensitivity, or other standardized tests for stuff like this (pain, heat sensitivity, etc). Next time if anyone is going to try this, compare scores on such a test between the NGF user and a control, and compare test scores before and after implantation.
  • That will have to be someone other than me, partly because I have no access to a control group and partly because I'm a selfish doucheborg who's only in it for the personal benefits and I leave the research to others unless it's particularly convenient for me.
  • @zombiegristle
    Sameish, I would love to help with research but if I tried to administer anything to anyone who knows me, yea they wouldn't take.... My point is let me know if I can help....
  • I would be willing to get some NGF in me. I'm interested to note any differences between NGF injected at the time of implantation and NGF injected at a later point.
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    So have you all lived?

    No but really, what are your thoughts on the NGF after some time and testing?
    @Cassox are you still able to help with supply?
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