L1nks theory's

Hey everyone new here and just having to break the lurking with a post about my 'crazy' as I often get called theory's. 

So first part is I currently have no implants, this will change in a month if everything goes as planned. I am an artist and have very little background in anything medical and electrical stuff so most of my stuff is simply ideas and thoughts.

After seeing the Test Implant thread for the internal storage I got my brain working on how it could be possible for you to attach internal components with external. Now I have no idea how in depth this has been looked at (I have been lurking and doing research for some time and haven't seen much) and trying to think of solutions to this issue but my favourite so far is the idea of internal storage. 

This is my first compiled page of ideas hopefully you guys (general term not gender specific) can read what it says/get the general idea.

So the idea would be to build a 'Micro Block' basic a series of microdermals/transdermals all attached in a singular block allowing access form the pins of the board to an external connection method.

The connection method I have designed is the similar principle to the mac charging cables, except that instead of sitting IN the ports they would sit on top and be pulled together with magnets (Also part of the Micro Block) so if the cable was pulled/yanked there would be minimal damage to the skin and implant. 
Developing the idea I have no idea what would happen with wires under the skin between two components so I came up with a second solution.

Just one of my many ideas. Let me know what you guys think and if I'm completely wrong or on the right track.


  • Yeah. Looks feasible. Ive been paying with dermals a lot myself. I put in an array of twelve to function as nms points but they aren't great at transfering to muscle alone. Stainless is very difficult to solder to and even very thin gauge wire pulls and pushes the dermals in a way that begs for rejection to occur. That said, they are simple as can be to work with an conduct adequately. This was my first idea for the current usb implant we've been paying with as well but a single point is just simpler really.
  • Im a little confused on the purpose for this implant. Is it just an internal usb drive for file storage etc?
  • Nah. General rule is that you don't implant something that you could just as easily carry. The point is trying to find a stable transdermal platform to build off of.
  • Yeah I agree fully with the idea of making a platform to build off, however the internal storage is a good starting point, get that to work and I see the concept of being able to implant more useful things becoming more of a reality.

    The reason I chose the 4 pin eternal is because of the fusion of skin between them to hold them in place and allowing you to extract each port individually. Meaning that you could have more than one circuit (or something that requered specific ports to use) under your skin and the output port could be different and allow you to pick up each port ontop of the skin. 

    The idea would be to remove a section of stainless removed between the internal threading of the microdermal and the bottom allowing a more connective metal in a housing with bio proofing (creating one solid unit) and only using one procedure even though you have multiple output ports. The top of the threading would be screwed in and connect with the conductive plate giving a cleaner connection overall. 

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