Some things that we will be physically at...

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Hey all, Cass and I are going to be at the InsTED Conference on May 2 in LA talking about why we need access to tools and why Grinders are important, and then we are going be hanging out in San Fran on the 11th (of May) at the Revive and Restore Conference listening to a nifty talk about cloning mammoths and genetic rescue.

Just givin y'alls a heads-up. If anyone is in those areas at those times, ping us and let's hang out:) Also, those conferences are gonna pretty cool, so there's that too ;)


  • *insert excited noise here*. If at all possible I will get myself to the conference on May 2nd, can you post the link to the conference? Also what will you be doing for the day you give the talk?
  • The conference on the second starts at noon and goes till 10pm, so we're gonna have to drive down and probably spend the night. I believe we are being given a room. Anyone who wants to crash the party is welcome to the floor :D
    They put us under "performers" so we're going to do an implant while we talk. If it's anything like the last conference we were at, well, it will be interesting.

    Here is the link.
    Just so y'alls know, this thing on the 2nd is being run by Miss Haywire. And yes, it's called an unconference.  Any chance to yell at a crowd I say :)
  • Do you happen to have a coupon code? :)
  • @FrankMatheson if you give me a ride to and from I'll totes cover your ticket.
  • I'll drive you, bciuser. Gib ticket pls. Also, do so quickly. They're $15 now, but they'll be $50 soon.
  • Tickets have been purchased, I'll print them out and bring them with me. 
  • Nice. It'll be cool to see you guys again.
  • Super interested in InsTED asking Science for the Masses to do a live implant. What special considerations have they or have you made for this? Are they requiring any haz mat or medical precautions? Are you just streaming it to a projector on site so people can see?

    Sorry to derail a little, the logistics of this are both relevant to my personal interests and relevant to our show that we're doing in February in Austin. 

  • Lol. No reply. Well see. I think we're mostly winging it.
  • Any idea if this event will be recorded? Cant see any info on the website and would love to watch this (as I cant attend due to being on the other side of the planet)
  • We will get some video :)
  • I'll make sure bciuser is recording as well.
  • Woot woot!
  • No worries. I guess that means insTED is probably not worried about it either. I am super excited to see the video. You guys are doing some cool shit. 
  • So I talked with them. The insTED people are thrilled. It's going to be a live a feed of us talking and working at the same time. No real restrictions.
    I think that you can kind of consider it like performance art. I've gone to art studios and watch people do suspensions and walk on glass etc. This is like that, just with more structure.
  • I cannot wait to see the video of it ;)
  • Video request.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing this!
  • Science for the Masses - Instedfest - YouTube

    I am terrible at being professional it seems.
    Jeff did great work. People were... excited, to say the least.
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    awesome video, but it skips occasionally and the audio is cutting in and out... :(
  • hey man, im just the guy yelling at people. we didnt have control over that laptop. the dude with the legit camera tho... he is going to send us his footage.

  • Yeah, I still feel like I botched the fuck out of that one personally. Took waaaaay too. The suturing was messy as all hell, and because of the lighting and angle I couldn't get that son ova bitch to stay positioned where I wanted. I forgot how spoiled I am at the Lab.

    Professional? Dude, I haven't listened to the whole rant but whatever was said was definitely appropriate to the gathering. The responses there were strangely positive. I'm sitting there kicking the shit out of myself for taking 30 minutes to do something that normally takes 5.. and not even doing a really precise job... and like 4 of the older folks come up asking if I can do one for them. Under normal circumstances I'd give you a bit of shit for haranguing the Economist but dude... I'm pretty patient and easily entertained and I had to walk.

    Overall, a very fun little conference thing to take part in. I think I learned a bit about presenting as well which will hopefully make further events even better.
  • This is great!

    If you guys want to do this again in February in Austin, TX, shoot me a message at [email protected] and we'll work out the details.
  • Well, I doubt it'd be the same thing again but sure! Sounds like a blast. Austin is a great city.
  • I also got an implant done on stage --

    Ended up doing it for a conference in Perth, Wahckon (so far away where all the people who actually do this stuff are, right?). One of the RFID's that lets you clone cards.

    Highly recommend doing an implant live on stage if you want to captivate people who haven't seen anything like it before! People love it for the 'wow' factor.
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