Looking to sell 2x M31's

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I purchased a couple M31's when they first came out, planning to implant them later. However, I'm entering into a career that will regrettably force me to excise me existing parylene magnet and call off any future implants. Therefore, I'm selling the M31's I have.

The M31's have been barely opened and are in all their original packaging. I'm asking $25 OBO (USA domestic shipping is included).


  • Id like to buy one of them.
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    I am very interested, i will pm you in 12 hours when i get to pc. Also, would you mind shipping to europe? I will pay shipping ofc. I would buy both of them but since the_baron asked first I will be ok with just one.

  • Sure thing; PM me. One to The_Baron and one to Zlekrat; if either goes through I'll make another post here. Otherwise, assume that they're spoken for.
  • Bummer. If you don't mind my asking, what job are you taking that requires you to remove your current implants?
  • I'm going to be working with some very magneto-sensitive electrical components. It's not a terrible tragedy; they've been starting to extrude for the last 8 or 9 months, so taking them the rest of the way out is actually going to pleasantly get rid of the lump on my fingertip. I'm gonna get a NFC implant instead.
  • These are back on the market after the unfortunate discovery that circumstances beyond my control prevent me from mailing internationally. Any domestic USA buyers are welcome to one or both. PM me, FCFS.
  • PM sent.  Assuming that I'm the first to reply, I will take both.
  • Sold and shipped; thanks for everyone's interest.
  • And thanks to @mothball for hooking me up with the great deal!
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