bciuser's first implant



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    No swelling and no apparent fluid, but the area was itchy at a couple points today. Should I lance it to check?
  • Don't advise it. Leave it be. I think that's going to perk off leaving healthy tissue beneath.
  • That... looks... odd. You're sure there's no swelling?
  • It looks to me like someone was in a Jacuzzi or bath for an extended fine. The tissue gets saturated and turns white like that. Hopefully the tissue beneath is adequately developed.keep it dry and don't debride it.
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    Jacuzzi sounds nice right about now... Wish I had access to one. I'll do my utmost to keep it dry until it finishes healing I'll post pictures and updates tomorrow.
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    EDIT: Some yellow pus just came out of the area near the scab, and now it's back to looking white, and so now there is some white pus coming out of the area. Consistency is more liquid than solid. I think we're losing her, Jim. Please advise.
    So here is what it looked like middle of yesterday:

    And this morning: The skin that used to be white is now yellow, and the skin is starting to (peel?) on one side.
  • Seriously? well, some people have had success lancing with a needle and draining.
  • So sometime last night while I was asleep the scab ruptured/got scraped/something, and this morning there is a layer of very pink skin under what remains of the scab. Unfortunately in the pink skin I think I can see some discoloration where the magnet would be, so I don't think it's going to stay there for very long. Perhaps it will, I'm just going to leave it alone and play the waiting game now.
  • Is it still hanging on?
  • I sing this song to my finger every day. Today the new skin was a little angrier than previously, and there is some more yellow pus which I will remove by force. Putting some antibiotic cream on as well.
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
  • At this point the magnet is clearly under the newly formed skin, so would it be wise to debride the wound to ensure proper healing?
  • No. It looks like you still have crap pocketing in there. There's a better way to fix it. Have you lanced it at all? You need to get all that crap out. A diabetic lancet works well, but you want to poke from an unaffected area. If it holds out till sat. I'll take a look for you.
  • Today had my magnet excised, it was very angry. Will try again once my finger heals properly.
  • Post in the failed implants.
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