Suggestions for a first Nd implant

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I have heard a mix of opinions on what is safe and what is not safe to implant and use as bioproofing. I was planning on bioproofing a Nd magnet myself with sugru, but i recently read on the wiki that it breaks up inside the body after some time and that is not something i would necessarily want. So if you have some suggestions thatd be really helpful. Thanks!


  • @ightden, thanks, i already found this one, but id like to see if there were any cheaper options before going straight for this one. Thanks though. And does anyone know of a bod modder who will do this in the washington DC area?
  • Do not. Use Suguru.

    Ok , 30 bucks is like, 3 days of coffee in the DC area. You are considering putting something IN YOUR BODY. Do you really want to skimp on the materials?
    There are cheaper options. Parylene is the cheap go to.  However, the point I'm trying to make here is that if 3 days of coffee money is going to hit that hard, you should reconsider how badly you need to be doing home surgery.
  • You found that one because it is the standard. And it's the standard for a reason. It's the strongest and safest one you can get. Unless you have lab capabilities and all kinds of machines needed to coat these things properly and without damaging them, I'd just buy them. For what it is, it's not that expensive and it's worth every penny in safety. Also, read up on biocompatibility and fouling so you understand why sugru and other stuff is never a good idea. It's not just that it breaks up in the body, it also is highly antagonistic in your body and your body will try and do it's best to force the thing out which will be both painful and dangerous. The magnets from dangerous things have a biocompatible coating which your body will happily ignore so you can keep it inside of you.
  • Ok thanks, both. Home surgery is a last resort if i cant find a piercer who can do the surgery for me. And its not that im that cheap or poor, but this being a first implant, would be a prime example for finding good bioproofing materials and techniques that i might be able to apply in the future. I probably will go with that magnet.
  • bioproofing things is difficult to do well, especially at home. Most methods need some amount of lab equipment. In the near future I for one will be opening a bioproofing service as well as an autoclaving service. There are other companies that can do it for you. It all depends what you want to do.
  • Awesome. Good to know, bioproofing is certainly not my specialty yet, I'll read up on it. And a quick question, do you know of any body modders or piercers on the east coast of the US, specifically around DC, that have done neodymium implant surgeries? Thanks again for all of the help.
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    Here's a list of some body modders, looks like new york and florida are the only east coast ones, but you could always look around online in your area im sure there is someone who'd be willing to do it.  All you have to do is ask them, worst case is they say no and you call someone else. :)
  • Hey, @glims, the m31 is currently $49.  The beta pricing phase ended awhile ago, unfortunately.  I'm not saying that anyone should be dissuaded by the price, of course.  The m31 is fantastic.
  • So it is. I am terrible at keeping track of that stuff. Four days of coffee it is ;)
  • I definitely do think that $49 plus surgery costs is worth it for an augmented sense. I have a few friends that may be able to reccomend a good body modder for this, so ill ask around. Maybe i can even get a few people interested in biohacking along the way.
  • You live near SoCal? I may know a guy... ;)
  • Nope. Other side of the country. Northern VA. Though thatd be great
  • sorry to wake up a dead post but, surely if you cant afford to pay for the implant then you cant afford the med bills to fix it if you screw it up?
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