My magnet implants still hurts?

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So I got two implants on January 31st from Brian Decker. They seem to have healed nicely, they're not swollen or anything anymore, but there are little bumps where the magnets are so you can see there is something under my skin. I got one under the pad of my ring finger and a smaller one on the side of my pointer finger (they are the parylene (probably spelled that wrong) coated ones Brian uses not sure on sizes). 

Anyway, the one on my pointer finger is fine I think, but the one under the pad of my ring finger hurts a bit. Any pressure on it hurts my finger bone I guess? It hurts right under my magnet and feels kind of like pressure on a bruise. Also, when pressure is applied to my ring finger (like when picking stuff up or opening a door with a flat hand) the top of my finger around where the incision stings. Neither of these are like super painful but they are enough to make me worry/ do my best to avoid using my left hand. I figured this was all just a part of healing, but it has been like a month and a half. Should I be worried?


  • No. Don't sweat it. There are stages of healing - your in the long term phase. If it's parylene then the area will adjust over time until you really won't have the unsightly lumps. The dense tissue around it now will lessen and you won't even notice the magnets unless using or looking for them.

    This will be at month 6-8 though. Just be patient with it.
  • Thank you so much @Cassox, I was scared my implants were slowly rejecting. Will it take longer than 6 to 8 months since I had them both done at the same time? That was my one concern with getting two implants at once, that they would heal slower.
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