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I use my hands a lot and wanted to ask if an implant would be trouble, 
Do any of you have a magnet implant anywhere else? i get it is done in the hand because it is so sensitive



  • Actually the Cyborg guy over in UK does magnets in the genitals. You can see how vibration down there every time there's EMF around could be enjoyable...
  • enjoyable maybe but not useful. Eitherway I train in parkour which involves a ton of using your hands. Climb up ropes and such which puts huge stress on it and my magnet is totally fine. You'll be fine but try and make sure you put the magnet on an inner surface the the finger. Makes life easier.

  • h jajajajja it does sound interesting to get one in the genitals.
    I also do parkour!!!! :3 and kick boxing and well let's say card magic. The card magic part is why i'm worried because i figure it could get in the way? :/
    Ty for abswering :)
  • The current magnets available are quite small in size and coating range from meh to very strong. We have rock climbers, parkour enthusiasts, gymnasts, and musicians who all have had no issues once the magnets heal.
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