Magnet size and SmCo magnets

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Hi everyone,
I'm going to get my first fingertip magnet implant. But i can't find answers to these two questions:
1) What's the optimal magnet size? Does bigger magnet means much sensibility?
2) Does SmCo magnets are powerful enough to provide good sensibility? SmCo magnets have the advantage of longer life and higher corrosive resistance, wich means less toxicity in case of magnet coating endamagement, so imho the can be useful in case of similar sensibility. Have someone tried them out?


  • Bigger is more sensitive but is more dangerous. The m31's are a great size since they don't get in the way much but still give good sensitivity. I'd advise just picking up one from dangerous things and not worrying about magnet material, as if the coating goes, it must come out immediately anyway, regardless of what it's made of.
  • Samarium cobalt has some great attributes, but it's theoretical limit is around n34 grade. The field is inadequate.
  • Why exactly is it more dangerous for example that I implant m36 instead of m31? That it can be ripped off by some external field?
  • anytime you pick something up, you're stressing the tissue between the magnet and metal. The more force, the more damage. The longer the contact the more damage. bigger magnet, more pressure, more damage.
  • Everything is clear, thanks for the answers!
  • pardon my ignorance but is m31 a size? 
    is 3.18 x 3.1750 mm too big? 

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    m31 is the name given to the 3mm diameter by 1mm thick magnets sold by Dangerous Things. They're named after the size. The m36 Dangerous Things will be selling are 3mm in diameter and 6 mm in length.

    A 3mm x 3mm magnet is probably a bit big for the finger a unless you have some real sausages for fingers... and probably even then. In my fingers the m31 produces a bump that is notable if you're examining them, but I have girlishly narrow fingers. A 3mm x 3mm would probably work well in the wrist or the side of the hand.

    I really recommend the m31 from Dangerous Things, the coating is biosafe, highly resilient, about as thin as can be made, and commonly used in medical implants.  It's a magnet made by biohackers for biohackers, and was developed by some of the fine folks here.
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