Chem, bio, med training videos/event/classes?

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So I've been a member of for a few months now (August 2014) and honestly, you guys are one of the most open and accessible forums on the web. Everyone I've talked to in discussions, no matter how noobish and un-scientific I've sounded, has been supportive. I'd love to get more involved in projects and more science, but sadly I really have no background in science at all. I'm a medical guy at heart, so your scientific pseudo-latin is foreign to my actual-medical-grade-latin interpretation. But I'm willing to learn. And teach!

I was thinking the projects on here would be more involved if we all helped to educate each other on our various backgrounds. I could provide some medical experience, teach about implanting, after-care, first aid, drugs, etc. The engineers on the forum could teach about their field, piercers about their work, biochemical people about biochemistry. I think it would help bring all of us together more, it would foster a more active community, and it would make people more knowledgeable and therefore projects would have more input and get completed faster.

I don't know the precise logistics, but maybe we could have some meetups where we offer some demonstrations and training (but in a safe way of course). I'd love to have some sort of in-person classes to learn about some biochemical nonsense.

Whataya think?
(I'm tagging all the people I know are southern california based)
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  • For me at least, one of the purposes of my company is to provide instruction on these sorts of things. And as such an online format would be ideal I think. If we had an archive of videos on various subjects to get people up to speed. But before all that the wiki needs some love and care.
  • I'm working on loving and caring for the wiki! I've edited the formatting in most pages, totally reorganized the skill register, written two pages from scratch (the history of magnets and the history of rfids) and I just started in on Becoming a Modder. It might take me a few days to link regulations for all 50 states though. I've done the first 8 alphabetically so far.
  • Perhaps we could add a section on the wiki main page called "Tutorials" or something, and then give explanations of how to start or carry out projects of a certain nature, including internal links to current projects, external links to courses/videos, and perhaps some of our own videos. I have a little experience in programming/circuit design/microcontroller programming, but I could probably at least write something pointing people in the right direction. 
  • If we're going the video route, I'd suggest as a place to host them. Basically it's a place where you post video lectures and then people learn from them. It's free to make a course and we don't have to charge students either.
  • And I'd still love in-person trainings, but that's just me :3
  • In person training requires, well, being somewhere in person.

    On the other hand...
    Cass and I have been talking about this sort of thing for a while.
    We have the facility, we have the experience.
    I'll get something posted up about this in 24 hrs

  • If it does get organized, I'd be willing to come up to Tehachapi for classes (both learning and teaching). We could also be like business conventions and provide short lectures/classes at the next Grindfest. I'd like that.
  • @glims did we ever get anything posted about this?
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