For Cass. Pics of Magnet implant finger

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 apologies for potato.
took out suture and washing in saline solution every few hours... 


  • the wound itself has a yellowish color around the edges and the bump is there. but it's healed shut and is doing ok.. just the bump is annoying. hopefully it drops down or something...
  • Off topic, but are you an avid imgur-ite? The word "potato" hinted me in that direction.
  • nicely spotted. yes i love imgur.
  • also if anybody needs to ever take out their magnet. i would think this would work. but it worked for me... too well (sad face)  i decided to use a homeopathic route on taking down the swelling/yellow stuff in my incision . so my mom made me a mixture of flour water, and honey and onion... one day of that shit bandaged to my finger and both the yellow stuff and the magnet were gone . shit sucked it up like it was another magnet getting my magnet out.  pretty crazy shit. but now my magnet's out.   
    suppose  i'll just get it re-implanted . ... third time's the charm they say? 
    hopefully second for me ( fingers crossed)
  • Dragon5, do you have any photos of the yellow? Was is clear crusty yellow or opaque puss type of yellow? Any more details?
  • -_-

    This is like a game where people say or do things to get me to flip out, isn't it?

    You had an issue and then you rubbed bread dough on your finger.
    _homeopathic_ bread dough. 

    *throws up hands, turns off internet*

  • lol  it may sound crazy but i shit you not it works. it just worked too well. and the pus was an opaque type of yellow. 
  • Yeah, is an old school method. Takes out splinters rather well. And magnets apparently. Ok, so seriously going to focus on a post care guide now though.
  • yeah probably a good idea. maybe like adress different scenarios and how to respond based on visual assessment, fairly straightforward

  • I'm with glims on this one. I may have broken my desk via the "homeopathic" head desk method. Next time you really should be taking ibuprofen to reduce swelling and constantly reapplying triple antibac. All of which i presume will end up in the post care thing but at this point straying from that is just silly. No sweet onion bread. No healing crystals. Just stick to to the norm, it works. The pus sounded like it was the same stuff that comes out of a fresh piercing (lymph) so was probably fine but im not a doctor (yet.... muhahaha). Depends how long after the implant it happened. But ya seriously keep herbals and such away from this. Don't get me wrong, they can work great for non surgical matters. I taught a fricken course on them. But I would never advise using home remedies for this. EVER.
  • haha @chironex  point taken. BUT MY CRYSTALS :(   

    I'm dying here. Laughing way too hard at this.
    that should be a section of just terrible homeopathic remedies you've run across
  • This is great my wife is all about the homeopathics and I stand with the face to iPad.
  • Speaking of after care guide- did we ever get that written up? because i've tried finding it in the wiki and here but no luck so far... @Cassox ?
  • @Dragon5, looks like he (they?) did:

    Also <3 you all for the hilarious responses in this thread.
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    THANK YOU!  bookmarked. and thanks
  • im bogged down by projects but I hope at some point this year to up how we do aftercare on this. I know glims had a thing that sped healing but I wanna make a sealing agent that'd do all the hard work for you as it were. Accelerate healing, keep the wound closed and keep the whole thing sterile. Something that isn't as nasty as superglue. But for now, the aftercare guide is to the point we will hopefully avoid further incident with homeopathic pizza dough closures. :P
  • I actually accidentally came across some methods for applying a surface to TiN that accelerated healing to the TiN, but I can't find it just at the moment, I think it is on my other computer.
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    something that could be applied to the site to keep it together after the stitches are taken out would be extremely helpful. is superglue an actual option?  i didn't think it was...
  • @Dragon5 - That would be Dermabond "If you choose not to use a suture, then you can use a medical grade super-glue called Dermabond. Dermabond does a pretty good job at preventing infection as you can form a serious little glue cap right over the incision site. It isn't all that mechanically strong though, so if you use Dermabond, then you should also be using Benzoin tincture and steri-strips. "
  • After you remove the stitches, a steri strip should be enough. 
  • @cyberlass thanks . and glims, the hardest part would be judging when exactly to remove the stitches. i think last time i did it ok,  but it swelled after i removed them so who knows. just having a bottle of this to apply so i can rest assured it's nice and sealed together would be stress relieving.

  • Three to five days should about do it. Anything longer and you run into complications.
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    @chironex with your statement "The pus sounded like it was the same stuff that comes out of a fresh piercing (lymph) so was probably fine but im not a doctor.... " -- could you speak a little more about that?  We don't really mention that in the wiki anywhere in after care. If that's fine/normal we should probably add it in.
  • When you get a piercing (and not an implant) as the body tries to close the wound one thing that ends up in the area is lymph which is basically the fluid that is used to transport things around your lymphatic system. For a piercing you just clean it off and it's a non issue. I'm not sure anymore if it applies to something like this as it really shouldn't be leaking. But it could be. Only way to find out would be to get someone wiht a leaky implant that seems like it's leaking lymph and test it. 
  • How do you test it?
  • Taste test?
  • No clue. There's bound to be an assay you could run. Best guess would be to take a sample and culture it and see if it's bactierial in origin but it'd be hard to get a clean sample in that it's shit that's leaking out of you. Id bet a med tech would know a better way to test for something like that. @Cassox thoughts?
  • I don't think you'd even need to run a test. If it's a clear fluid coming from an incision, it's lymph. I have a standard after care thing I've been telling people based on incision care guides. I'll have them online before the fest I think.
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