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I am going to go through the wiki and add a bunch of stuff that is misinformation. I notice a lot of people coming here have lots of misinformation, based largely on what they have heard, particularly from Lepht Anonyms time. So I am going to go through and add all the information I know about things that people think we do that they really should not do.

Any suggestions?


  • Only suggestion I have thus far is possibly going into a smidgen of detail as to why things on that list are a bad idea (beyond your basic common sense). Providing context makes a huge different between memorizing a document and understanding it, and we want to build understanding.
  • My suggestion is put the garbage information in it's own page as oppsed to mixed in with the good stuff. Make life easy for people who just jump on and dont read every single thing.

    We want the pages that talk about how to do things to be legit, not a litany of how to maybe do it right and all the ways to do it wrong.
  • Make sure you handle the usual crap regarding RFID and GPS, sometimes it seems like nobody has a clue how these basic technologies work in the real world.
  • Yeah I created its own section on the main wiki page, that way it's easy to find
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