Bioplastic coating?

Would a bioplastic implant/coating be alright? I mean, most are edible so would it be biocompatable? Ingredients are a starch, cellulose, glycerin, water, and (optional) agar agar/ gelatin.


  • Glims will be able to answer this more exactly but likely, no. Most plastics do not go well inside the body. Just because it won't kill you and can be passed through you does not make it biocompatible. And if it's edible, then likely hell no since your body would likely break it down. What are you trying to coat? 
  • So if your body breaks it down, could it be used for any possible temporary things put in (to stretch skin before a large implant maybe)? I had nothing particular in mind, just thought it would be good because I can make it at home and it is cheap.
  • As a rule, if it's easy to make and home and cheap it's probably not biosafe. This is not always true but it's a good enough rule. Theres some resins and epoxies we're trying out that are super cheap so we'll post the results of that as we test them out but generally, it's worth spending a few extra bucks. As to your stretching thing. Ya that's not a thing. If you really wanted to stretch you could use saline but still, stretching or re-aggravating an area multiple times is never good.
  • Huh, I responded to this but it never posted...
    Oh well. So yeah, if you could remove the starch from the recipe, the other ingredients are super biofiriendly. You could totally put them in you. It would be a huge waste tho because you would just break it down and be left with an uncoated modual, like discussed.

    @drjazz stretching pre large implant is totally a thing, but using this method is not a good idea for that.
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