Let's talk cylinder placement

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Since @glims announced the opening of pre-orders on the m63 (er, now called the m36) magnets from Dangerous Things, I think it's time we started talking a bit about optimal placement locations for cylinder magnets.

I'm hoping those of you who already have cylinders will talk a bit about where you've got yours implanted and how sensitive they seem to EM fields in said location relative to other magnet implants you may have now or had in the past.  Discs have been talked about repeatedly because so many people have had them, but there's far less talk about cylinders out there.


  • Great idea for a thread @avin! I am going to pre order the m36 as soon as I find out if it comes with an injector or not and I could really use some procedural help. Right now I am debating on placement in the side of my hand or in my wrist. Im guessing the wrist would give more sensitivity, but I am more concerned with being able to pick bigger objects up. Anyone with a magnet in either of these areas that could give some sensitivity info please chime in I could really use some help. Also, I could use help for placement, like how deep to place the magnet. It doesn't seem like there is much skin on the side of the hand to get the magnet too deep, but i could be wrong. I just want to make sure I inject it deep enough because I think I ended up injecting my NFC chip a hair too shallow. It hasn't really been a problem with the chip...but a big magnet too close to the surface would probably be more likely to get ripped out?

    Well those are just some questions/concerns I have. Hopefully more people will see this thread and chime in.
  • If you have a some what fat hand depth placement on the side shouldn't be a problem. I would like to know optimal placement on the wrist though.
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