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Hi I am seriously considering self implanting a pair of magnets into my hands but I have numerous questions on the subject that I need answered before I slice myself open XDD.

First off I have always been interested in this topic of biohacking and I have a personal condition where I do not feel any pain. All of these factors have led me to seriously considering self implanting magnets. I am a left handed person for most things like writing but when it cones to physical activities I prefer my right. This leaves me confused about which hands/fingers I should implant and which I should leave alone. Second I am in possesion of the magnets already but I have yet to bioproof them. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what I should use. Finally I am a golfer and before I even consider taking the next step I need to know if the implants will hinder me out on the course.

Thank you all so much for any help or advice you share with me. :^)


  • In regards to normal activities, properly placed magnets typically will be no hindrance.  The proper placement can vary from person to person depending on how you use your fingers.  Spend a few days taking note of where pressure is exerted on your fingers as you go through your day and avoid implanting into those areas.  You want to implant somewhere on the palm-facing side of the last segment of a given finger for maximum nerve interaction.  Beyond that, avoiding the center of the finger pad is recommended.  I have four (one in each finger) of my left hand (I'm right-handed), all offset toward the "pinkie" side of the hand.  Observation of how I use my hands pointed me to this placement and I am very satisfied with where I've got them placed overall.  My index finger implant is closer to the center than the others, though, and has been known to cause some discomfort because the center of the finger pad gets more pressure on it in a typical day than other areas.  Even if you don't get pain, you'll still (as I'm sure doctors have told you) want to avoid things that would cause pain in a typical person.  So, like I said, avoid placements that are going cause pressure to be exerted directly over the implant.  As to which finger(s) to implant in, again observe how you use the hand and decide based on that.  For single implants, the ring finger seems very popular.  If you do two in the same hand, I personally would recommend making sure they're on different nerve lines as there's some anecdotal evidence that this increases overall sensitivity.  The median nerve line enervates the index, middle, and "thumb" side of the ring finger and the ulnar line enervates the other side of the ring finger and the pinkie.  Look for a diagram on the nerves of the hand on Google if you don't understand what I mean.  I've got two on each line, and though I didn't spend long with only one implant to be able to directly compare, I can say that I'm very happy with my EM sensitivity.

    In your case, I'd suspect the left hand is likely a better choice than the right.  I'm guessing your preferred physical activities are harder on your hands than everyday activities.

    All of this assumes you're implanting small disc magnets.  Cylinders are a whole other thing and since I do not have any (yet), I can't comment.  I've also heard of some people with magnets in the wrist that feel like it works well for them, so that might be something to explore as well, though again, I've no personal experience there.

    As to bioproofing, there are a number of coatings in use right now, but unless you're dead set on using the magnets you've already acquired, I would look into getting some TiN-coated magnets from  They really are the best around.  Titanium nitride is a very tough coating and lab tests have shown it to score exceptionally well in all areas of concern (cytotoxicity, fouling, etc.).  Designed by grinders for grinders.  Read more about them here.
  • This has been answered before. Please read through the other posts. and the soon to be updated wiki. Short version: left ring finger always a good starting point. Unless you have the equipment and lab skill I wouldn't advise attempting to bioproof the magnets yourself. As said above the ones from SFM and dangerous things are the best around and worth every penny.
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