Swelling in magnetic implant

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Hi! This is my first post in the forum, I joined to lurk a few weeks ago because I was about to get a magnetic implant and I wanted to read about other people's experiences.

I've had my magnet for a little over two weeks and my finger is still considerably swollen compared to to the other finger. How long should I expect the swelling to last? Is two weeks too long, or is it typical? Is there anything I can do that would help reduce it?


  • you should be taking an anti-inflammatory daily still if it is swollen. If you have stomach troubles take paracetamol otherwise ibuprofen is fine. I've had mine for about a month now and it's not quite swollen but the area is still sensitive and a bit uncomfortable to touch since the skin is so thin now. Just be careful with it. I found keeping it wrapped in a bandaid helped me not knock it on things or mess with it. If it's really swollen and painful you may have issues but if it's just a bit swollen that's normal, take an anti-inflammatory and ice it.
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