Hello all! And what can you NOT do with magnet implants?

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Hello everyone, I'm quite new here but I've been lurking about for quite some time now just gathering information.

A little bit about me, I'm going to school to become a jeweler, specifically working with silver. I love technology, and when I can combine that with jewelry I love it even more! I was going to study boimechanics, hopeful to push tech further towards the relm of "The Long Run" style in-skins, trace sets, and other fanciful things like that, but once I learned that field didn't really exist I gave up.

 I have yet to get anything inside me yet as I'm not really comfortable with self implanting, and there doesn't really seem to be anyone even CLOSE to the NC area. Even so, I plan on getting some magnets in me and the idea of an nfc chip is quite appealing.

on to my main reason for this post. I have read several threads about what you CAN do with magnets, but I lead an active life. I wait tables for a living and that requires carrying heavy trays of dishes back and forth all night. I occasionally rock climb and hike, and I often have my grubby little mitts in the basic components of robots/radios/computers and other types of hardware.

So, what can I not do, touch, or get near with a magnet implant? i know it sounds a little stupid, I can hear the snickers now, "a tech guy who doesn't know what he can and can't touch with a magnet? HA!" but I've never really thought about it as I don't keep any magnets around my workplace, and now with the ever so appealing idea of having one inside me, this question keeps smacking me in the face!


  • The key is really in the placement of the magnet.  Watch how you use your hands in day-to-day life.  Don't put magnets where you regularly experience pressure on the fingers.  Keep them off-center from the middle of the finger pad and you'll be able to do pretty much anything (once they're healed).

    One thing that I can imagine would be dangerous (assuming you've got your magnets placed correctly) would be handling large, strong magnets.  I can imagine pinching skin pretty badly with a big magnet.

    I regularly (daily, in fact) carry heavy objects as a part of my job.  I've never had a problem.  I have run my fingers across the magnetic strip on my credit card and no damage was incurred on the card.  I've worked on the internal components of computers and done no damage to them (including hard drives).  Most tech is not negatively impacted by fields as small as these.  There are sure to be exceptions (maybe @cassox knows of some medical equipment that might be affected), but no effect on items most people will be handling.  Well, wait, compasses are affected.  You'll likely find a compass held in a hand implanted with magnets to be somewhat unreliable (I can cause my smartphone's compass to point the wrong way if I try).  Other than that, though, no issues.
  • So no issues with any phones, smart or otherwise? I do love my S4. The only problem I could think of would be the old TV and computer screens, but I wasn't sure about anything new.
  • No issues with phones, screens, tvs, rock climbing, parkour, or any other normal activities. Just make use to use proper aftercare and now smoosh it while it's healing.
  • I've got the s4, and I've had no issues with it (Though sometimes the compass in my maps gets confused and spins endlessly, but that might have more to do with frequent drops than my magnets). Silicone is much more prominent now than it used to be in computer components, hence why it's generally safer to have hand magnets now than it was, say, 10 years ago :) Mine have helped me for some laptop repairs, too! (Pulling out those weird deep screws you usually need to shake out, for example. Or sticking small ones to my hand while I put them back)

    As far as potential non-tech issues, I haven't hit any problems yet. I'm in Circus school and take classes 2-3 nights a week, everything from handstands to aerial silks to hoops (Including handwork, swinging them around and such). While my scarring is a tad more prominent, I haven't had any real issues.  
  • I second what @aviin said about placement, my magnet is directly under the pad of my ring finger, and if I pick up very heavy objects I have to avoid using that finger, it's not painful, but is quite uncomfortable. Make sure the magnet is off to the side of the finger.
  • So far the only thing I have had any problem with is weight lifting. I have only had my magnet implants for about two weeks now, but when I do certain exercises (basically anything with dumbbells or curls) it hurts a little. Im hoping that this will go away once my fingers heal more. But just a heads up.
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